Maria Provenzano shares a cute and clever way to display your snacks during sports season.


  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • X-Acto knife
  • Metal ruler
  • Scissors

For Concession Stand

  • Balsa wood planks
  • Foam core
  • Stain
  • Silver spray paint

For Picket Fence

  • Large paint sticks (for 5-gallon bucket)
  • White spray paint

For Pennant Flags

  • ¼” Wooden dowels
  • Foam sheets
  • Label paper
  • Flat iron
  • Computer & printer
DIY Game Day Snack Stand - Home & Family

Football Field Table Runner

Create the concession stand:
1. Cut your balsa wood planks down to desired length.
2. Use your X-Acto knife to cut any detailing into the wood.
*Use the blade to cut “V” shaped notches into the end of either side is a nice way to create aged effect. *
3. Stain.
4. Use your metal ruler and X-Acto knife to create 5” X 6” rectangles, cutting out details if desired. These are the legs of your bleachers.
*The amount of these you will need depends on the length of your bleachers. *
5. Measure 1” width of foam core and cut long strips. These will act as braces between each leg of your bleachers.
6. Paint your foam core pieces silver and allow them to dry.
7. Place your balsa wood planks face down, side by side. Glue a leg on 1” in from each end. Glue the rest of your legs in between, spacing evenly.
8. Glue some 1” bracing in between each leg.
9. To create the escalating height of your bleachers, repeat steps 1-8.
*For each tier you add to your bleachers, add 5” of height to your legs *
10. Once all of your individual bleachers are built, connect them with your long braces at each leg, securing each tier to the one behind it with hot glue.

Create the picket fence:
1. Spray your paint sticks white.
2. Place two of the paint sticks face down, parallel to each other.
*These will act your fence posts. *
3. Place two paint sticks on top horizontally (one a few inches from the top and the other a few inches from the bottom). Adjust the posts until they’re far enough apart that the end of each horizontal stick is in the center of your vertical fence posts.
4. Hot Glue the two horizontal paint sticks in place on your fence posts.
5. Flip your fence frame over, this is the front. Glue on paint sticks between your fence posts, spacing them evenly. Now you have your fence.
*If you want to make a longer fence, repeat steps 12-16 and glue fence panels together. *

Create your pennant flags:
1. Cut isosceles triangles from your foam sheets.
2. Take your flat iron and wave your pennant flag by bending it back and forth while pulling.
3. Print your graphic onto label paper.
4. Cut out your graphic and adhere it to your flag.
5. Cut your dowel down to size.
6. Wrap the edge of your flag (opposite the point) around your dowel and secure with hot glue.

Assemble your table-scape:
1. Place runner down first.
2. Place your fence (leaning against wall or attach to table)
3. Place concession stand down and attach your pennant flags.
4. Set snacks and food, enjoy!

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