Melissa Joan Hart Interview

The actress sits down with Mark and Cristina to talk about her new movie, “God’s Not Dead 2” which will be released in 2016. Melissa’s breakthrough role was playing the title character in “Clarissa Explains it All” and jokes that she actually saved a lot of the fashion-forward wardrobe. Aside from acting, Melissa and her family have created their own boys’ fashion line, “King of Harts.” After the interview, Mark tests Melissa out on her 90’s trivia.

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Chocolate Bread Pudding

Chef Valerie Gordon is back in the kitchen preparing Chocolate Bread Pudding, just in time for National Chocolate day on October 28th. Valerie loves bread pudding because it is an easy recipe and made with any leftover bread products. The only thing you need to know how to make with this dish is custard. When you add cocoa powder, you turn it into a chocolate custard that tastes like chocolate melted ice cream.

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Baby's First Birthday Party - Home & Family

Baby’s First Birthday Party

Debbie Matenopoulos talks about her daughter Alexandra’s upcoming first birthday. Cristina and Mark show Debbie a video look back at Debbie’s pregnancy and Alexandra’s first year of life, leaving Debbie in tears. When it comes to a party, Debbie offers some helpful tips for other moms out there who are planning their baby’s first birthday. The first is not plan the party around nap time. She also advises to keep the party small and have a lot of activities to keep the kids engaged. Also, to save money, check out local parks to host your party.

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Heal Simple

Dr. Renee Dua and her husband Nick Desai sit down with Home & Family to talk about “Heal,” a service that sends a high quality doctor right to your door. Heal has simple pricing, $99 with no hidden fees or extra charges. The app is available for smart phones and will have a doctor and nurse at your house within 60 minutes. You can even get your flu shot at your house.

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Spooky Halloween Ghosts - Home & Family

DIY Spooky Halloween Cloths

Tanya Memme is in the backyard making spooky Halloween cloths that you can hang from trees to look like floating ghosts. As a joke, she says this craft was inspired by a nightmare. Make sure that the tea lights fit the eye sockets of the styrofoam heads. Using fish hooks, you can hang the ghosts from the trees.

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Beauty and the Brain

Dan Kohler and Kym Douglas team up to discuss beauty and the brain. Dan points out that it was Kym who approached him to work together. Together, they talk about how favorite colors you wear can send messages to others. Pink is nurturing, energetic and youthful. Red feels powerful and passionate. Mark points out that he loves to wear the color black which conveys confidence, power and a secret quality. Dan points out that choosing a color strategically can help emphasize a desired response.

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Homemade Halloween Coconut Chocolate Truffles - Home & Family

Homemade Halloween Coconut Chocolate Truffles

Warrior in Pink Model of Courage winner Aimee Bariteau joins Cristina in the kitchen to make her healthy Halloween Coconut Chocolate Truffles. Before she starts her recipe, Aimee shares her story of being cancer-free for eight years after being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007. She became a Model of Courage and has helped raise $129 million in the fight against breast cancer.

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Leaf Shadow Box - Home & Family

DIY Leaf Shadow Box

Maria Provenzano grew up in Michigan and explains that fall has always been a special place in her heart but living in LA, she doesn’t get to experience the leaves. Recently, her mother sent her some from back home to made her own shadow box. Maria recommends taking Mod Podge to the leaves to make them shiny and more sturdy.

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Ask the Hosts

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