Preserving Leaves to Make a Shadow Box

A Maria Provenzano DIY.

How to Dry and Preserve Leaves

Three ways to preserve leaves:

*Pressing leaves

*Soaking in Glycerin and Water

*Coating with Mod Podge


Pressing leaves:


Large book or similar pressing tool

Rubber bands; optional

*Place the leaves in a book to flatten; they will release moisture, so if you want to keep the book looking nice, place the leaves between two sheets of wax paper, then place inside the pages of a book

*Use rubber bands to keep the book closed

*Leave as is, or apply more weight to the book

*Allow to dry for a few days; drying time with vary depending on how fresh the leaves were before drying


Soaking leaves in Glycerin

Glycerin; can be found at the drugstore


Plastic Container

*Fill the plastic container with 1 part glycerin and 2 parts water, and mix together

*Place the dry/flattened leaves in the mixture, and submerge into the liquid

*Make sure the leaves are completely submerged; you can place another plastic container over the leaves to help push them down

*Keep the leaves submerged in the mixture for 2-5 days

*Remove the leaves from the mixture, and gently dry with a paper towel; the leaves should feel soft and pliable


Coating Leaves in Mod Podge


Mod Podge

Foam Paint brush

Wax paper

*Dry and flatten the leaves using the book technique

*Apply a thin layer of mod podge to one side of the leaf using the foam paint brush

*Set on a sheet of wax paper and allow to dry

*Repeat on the other side, and allow to dry

*The leaves will be shiny, and more pliable

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