Tuesday, May 28th, 2019

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Wes Brown Interview - Home & Family

Wes Brown Interview

Actor Wes Brown sits down with Home & Family to talk about his new Hallmark Channel Original Movie, “Wedding at Graceland,” which you can watch Saturday, June 1st at 9/8c. The actor brings a clip from the movie for the fans to enjoy. He also opens up about what was like filming the movie on location and reuniting with co-star, Kellie Pickler.

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Bride’s Biscuits - Home & Family

Bride’s Biscuits

Author of “Sunday Suppers,” Cynthia Graubart is in the kitchen kicking off June Weddings by making bride’s biscuits. Before getting started, she explains the biscuits are a tradition for a bride to make in the South. The secret ingredient to making sure the biscuits rise is using yeast. When the biscuits are done baking, she pairs them with a red pepper jelly pork tenderloin.

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DIY Tire Swing - Home & Family

DIY Tire Swing

Paige Hemmis is taking an old tire and turning it into backyard entertainment, a tire swing! To save money, go to a local tire store, where you might even get an old one for free! Before putting this DIY together, get your tire power washed to make sure it is clean and to eliminate small bits of loose rubber. Make sure your rope is a strong nylon cord and rope clamp to hang. When done, she adds a cushion for added comfort.

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Dr. Steven Gundry

Author of “The Longevity Paradox,” Dr. Steven Gundry sits down with Cameron and Debbie to discuss healthy steps that you can take at home to help improve your longevity. He shares that healthy sleep can help “clean” our brains and discusses how regular exercise can help prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

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Passport to Beauty

Kym Douglas is introducing you to some of her favorite beauty products from around the world.

#1 “Ancient Greek Remedy" Olive Oil Moisturizer $14.99, Amazon

#2 “Aztec Secret" Clay Mask $7.99, Target

#3 Haruharu Wonder Serum $25, Amazon

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Asparagus and Brie Puff Pastry with Thyme Honey - Home & Family

Asparagus and Brie Puff Pastry with Thyme Honey

Author and founder of Half Baked Harvest, Tieghan Gerard is making a sweet and savory pastry in the kitchen. This is a great appetizer to serve at your next party because it is quick and easy!

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DIY Welcome Wedding Station - Home & Family

DIY Wedding Station

Maria Provenzano is getting inspired by Hallmark Channel’s Original Movie, “Wedding at Graceland,” with these beautiful DIYs. Today, she is showing you how to make your own wedding escort card display wall using chicken wire and a frame. She also makes an entry sign using plywood and faux moss. All materials can be found at your local craft store.

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Viewer Mail

The family members gather around to answer your viewer questions. Debbie sharing her recipe for her favorite summer drink, a simple syrup and peach spritz, Shirley and Cameron discuss how to prevent water damage to furniture when you have planters around the house. Shirley recommends a solid vinyl placement to put below the planter. Paige shows you an example of a DIY bathroom tray.

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Jeremy Cowart

Author and artist Jeremy Cowart visits Home & Family to discuss his new book, “I’m Possible: Jumping Into Fear and Discovering a Life of Purpose.” He shares that he thought of the title for the book by looking back at his childhood and not thinking he would do much of with his life after struggling in school. But through the encouragement from his parents, he pursued his dreams. He hopes his readers will be inspired to embrace their fears and learn from failure.

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Flower Confetti

Shirley Bovshow is putting together flower confetti using silica, a cardboard box, foraged flower heads and petals and cloth metal sheets. Not only is the confetti easy to make, it is also inexpensive. This DIY is also a great alternative to throwing rice at weddings.

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