Silica/Sand Dried Flower Confetti

Shirley Bovshow is making decorative and colorful confetti with a handful of materials.


  • Silica or Play Sand
  • Cardboard Box
  • Foraged Flower Heads and Flower Petals
  • Cloth Mesh Sheets


1. Put one layer of sand/silica at the base of your box
2. Sprinkle one layer of rose heads or petals on top of the sand
3. Layer another level of sand over the petals
4. Put a layer of mesh so you don’t mix the colors. (if you don’t mind mixing, you can lose this mesh step)
5. put your next layer of sand and petals
6. Repeat the layering process as needed
7. Time to dry - Silica: 3-4 Days; Sand: within a week

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