Mary Kay Place Interview

Emmy award winning actress Mary Kay Place visits Home & Family to talk about her latest film “I’ll See You in My Dreams,” in which she stars along side Blythe Danner and Rhea Perlman. She even brings a clip in for Mark and Cristina to enjoy. Mary Kay opens up about how much fun she had with her co-stars.  When it comes to family, Mary Kay opens up about her late mother, who passed away from Alzheimer’s, and Mark talks about his father’s own battle with the disease.
"I'll See You In My Dreams" is now playing in theaters.
Peach Cream Puffs - Home & Family

Cristina Cooks!

Cristina is in the kitchen baking Angela Benedict’s Peach Cream Puffs from Taste of Home Magazine. Angela says the secret ingredient to her dessert is Peach Schnapps. Cristina is surprised at just how easy the dish is to make!

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Turning Broken Dishes Into Art - Home & Family

Turning Broken Dishes Into Art

Daniel Kucan teaches Mark and Cristina about Kintsugi, which was invented in Japan in the 1500’s as a way to repair expensive pottery. Daniel says the magic starts when you use a powdered paint pigment and epoxy for your repaired ceramic. You have to move fast because the mixture will dry in 60 seconds!

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The Tenors

Vocal Superstars, The Tenors, Fraser Walters, Clifton Murray, Victor Micallef and Remigio Pereira join the Home & Family stage to sing two original songs “Under One Sky” and a “New Day’s Begun.”

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The Tennors' "Under the Sky" is currently available on iTunes and and is available on CD, June 2nd.

June 12th, tickets go on sale for their "Under One Sky" tour.

Watch their full video for "A Letter to Mom" here.

Miss America 2015

Kira Kazantsev opens up to Mark and Cristina about her motivation for choosing her Miss America platform of domestic violence awareness. Kira has since helped launch “Put the Nail In It” with Safe Horizon to end domestic violence for good. Kira was also recently honored at the 20th Annual Champion Awards in New York City and shows a clip from her speech at the show. Kira also works as a National Goodwill Ambassador at Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, where she forms special bonds with the patients she visits.

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Memorial Day BBQ Tips - Home & Family

Memorial Day BBQ Tips

Debbie Matenopoulos breaks down some helpful BBQ tips just in time for the long Memorial Day weekend. Keep the menu simple, this is not a time to show off your culinary skills. Debbie says a fruit kebab is easy, simple and light for your guests. Color fruit and leaves are a great addition to water pitchers. As you are eating all the heavier food like hotdogs, chips and beer, make sure you also have acid-blocker Nexium on hand, which is available without prescription.

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Do It Yourself Rain Chain Install - Home & Family

DIY Rain Chain Install

Matt Rogers shows you you how to make your very own rain chains that transform gutter downspouts into a water feature for your house. The rain chains have been around in Japan for hundreds and years and the double-chain look even have a strong Asian design influence.

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Coffee Alternatives

Sophie Uliano gives you a whole list of coffee alternatives to help ease your dependency on the beverage. The side effects from coffee include acidic stomach pain, jitters and heartaches. She says you know you are addicted to coffee when you the moment you quit, you experience fatigue, headaches and even depression! Sophie suggests you dilute your coffee brew with Teechino & Caro or even substitute coffee with Yerba Matte, Green Tea and even Black Tea.

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Mark’s Photography Tips
Mark answers some Facebook questions about his photography. When it comes to a beginner’s camera, he said the main question one should ask themselves is what kind of pictures do they want to take. He advises to get a simple point and shoot camera and as the photography skills grow, the lenses should grow and you can start purchasing additions to the camera.