Matt Rogers shows you how to transform gutter downspouts into a water feature!

Materials available from

  • Installation Kit, $11.95
  • Aluminum Flared Cup $77.95
  • Hammered Dish, $32.95
  • Double Loop Aluminum Rain Chain $102
  • Cup styles splash less than link style
  • Kanji Cups, copper & brass $289
  • Copper Bells $179

Directions for the Installation:

  1. Unscrew downspout fasteners
  2. Pull downspout away from gutter
  3. Rain chains hang from the hole where the downspout was, using the gutter attachment piece provided.
  4. The Installation Kit also provides an outlet tube, preventing water from creeping along the underside of the gutter and dripping off.
  5. The Japanese often put a ceramic or stoneware pot beneath the chain which fills with water, so that when it rains, the water drips from the chain into the pot, creating a beautiful display.
Do It Yourself Rain Chain Install - Home & Family

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