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Tuesday, March 24th, 2015

Wil Shriner Interview
Comedian and director Wil Shriner stops by to talk about his career and his new life on the radio in Miami and Palm Beach, Florida. Wil also goes down memory lane talking about his career as a performer, even bringing an old photo in from an Oprah episode in the 80’s where he was included with Roseanne, Louie Anderson, Jerry Seinfeld and Richard Lewis as up and coming comedians. Wil is Cristina’s sidekick for the day while Mark is on vacation.

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Chef Jet Tila Cooks

The owner of “Stirmarket” Chef Jet Tila joins Cristina in the kitchen to cook one of his favorite traditional dishes, Pad Thai. Cristina admits this is her absolute favorite dish and is very excited that Jet is cooking it. Jet reiterates that you should never use olive oil when cooking Asian dishes because of the heavy flavor. Jet also made a delicious Thai Silk cocktail to complement the main dish.

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2 Cellos Perform

YouTube sensations 2 Cellos perform their hit cover of Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal.” The innovative Croatian duo are known for their unique arrangements of pop and rock songs. The guys took off when Elton John found their videos and reached out and invited them to tour the world as his opening act!

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Jonathan Sadowski Interview
Actor Jonathan Sadowski stops by to talk to Cristina and Wil about the second season return of the ABC Family comedy “Young and Hungry.” Jonathan teases that the new season will feature a fist fight, a kiss and a confession! Jonathan talks about his closeness with his co-star Kym Whitley and her son, Joshua. The actor also loves magic and is a member of the famous Los Angeles institution, The Magic Castle!

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DIY Living Easter Basket
Lifestyle Expert Maria Provenzano is back and this time she is here to show you how to make your very own Living Easter Basket. This has been an ongoing tradition Maria has been doing with her mom since she was a little girl and this year she was eager to continue the tradition with her young son. Maria emphasizes that this DIY is easy to do and you can make them for the perfect Easter gift.

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Fun Science Experiments

Matt Rogers is back and this time he brought his son Brayden to demonstrate how science can be fun for kids and adults. Matt and his son show you how to make chicken sounds from a cup and how to walk on eggs without cracking them.

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Diagnosis and Treatment of Cataracts

Dr. Kerry Assil sits down with Home & Family to talk about the dangers of ignoring cataracts. Cataracts are the number one leading cause of blindness if gone untreated. The doctor says that 1/3 of patients suffering from cataracts are under the age of 60 and recommends a good eye exam once a year. If one starts to experience cloudy vision, they should visit their optometrist immediately.

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DIY Rose Framed Mirror

Paige Hemmis demonstrates how you can turn cardboard egg cartons into art. She advises using larger egg pallets because their cups are more evenly shaped. Paige points out that since you are going to cover up the frame any way, it doesn’t matter how it looks. The frame she is using was purchased on the clearance shelf at her local craft shop! Cristina points out it is a great way to recycle, too.

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Pets and New Babies

Laura Nativo teams up with new mom Debbie to talk about the concerns of bringing a dog into the home of a new baby. Debbie, herself, was attacked by a dog when she was a four-year-old and now her husband wants to bring a dog into the house. Laura says you should either bring a dog into the house long before you have a baby, or when the child is a little older, especially because the dog is a huge responsibility. Laura says you should always be attentive of a dog’s body language, especially when there is a new baby in the house. Laura says the key is research before adopting a dog.

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