Advice on bringing dogs into a house with a baby.

Tips and information:

  1. Puppies require as much training as a toddler; consider the time required for both
  2. Consider a caged pet such as a bunny or a bird and teach baby to respect it
  3. Introduce the dog to the baby by giving him a blanket or shirt to smell
  4. Let the mother greet the dog without the baby to let the dog know it is loved
  5. Animals should never be left alone with a young child or baby
  6. An older, well-trained dog with a mellow personality is a good first pet
  7. A dog should be well trained before beginning to work with a baby
  8. take a professional trainer with you to evaluate the pet's temperament
  9. Dogs should be trained by a certified, professional trainer

Exercises to help dog bond with baby:

  1. Teach the dog to be calm when interacting with the baby
  2. Gentle petting & touching baby on the foot or hand
  3. Closed mouth kisses only for baby
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For more information, check out Colleen Pelar's book: “Living with Kids and Dogs Without Losing Your Mind”

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