The perfect gift for Easter!


  • Basket; lined or unlined
  • Plastic bag; if you can't find a lined basket you can line with with a plastic bag and secure it into the basket with a glue gun
  • Potting soil
  • Spray bottle
  • Wheatgrass seeds


  1. Place wheatgrass seeds in a bowl and cover with water
  2. Allow to soak 8 hours or overnight
  3. Use a basket fitted with a plastic liner (You should be able to find these at a gardening store or craft store) OR line the basket with a plastic bag by gluing it in with a glue gun
  4. Fill the lined basket with moistened potting soil (use a spray bottle to moisten)
  5. Drain the wheat grass seeds and spread evenly over the grass
  6. Cover with plastic wrap and set in a place that will get good sunlight
  7. Allow to soak for 8 hours or overnight
  8. Make sure you fill basket with moist potting soil
  9. Spray 3 times a day for the first day
  10. Spray each day... it’s important to keep the seeds moist
  11. Once the seeds start sprouting you can remove the plastic wrap
  12. Spray every other day and watch the grass grow!
  13. You can tell if you are watering too much if the basket becomes heavy… if it is light then it needs to be watered
  14. The grass will need to be trimmed after about 5-7 days depending on how long you would like it to be
  15. The grass should last a few weeks if watered and trimmed properly

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