Turning a frame into art.


  • Pallet egg cartons (or several 12 pack cartons depending on how big your mirror is)
  • Hot glue gun (with plenty of glue sticks)
  • Mirror in a frame of at least 3” thick (wide)
  • Scissors
  • Paint in the color(s) of your choosing (spray paint is best)
  • Optional- if you want to hang the mirror, you will need picture hanging wire and kit
  • Ruler or straight edge with tape measure
  • Pen, pencil or marker


  1. Get several 12-cup egg cartons
  2. Cut each little cup out and set aside. These will be your petals. Cut a slit into each corner of a cup. This will make four slits that will serve as the petals.
  3. Trim down each slit to create a petal. This will be your first (or bottom) layer.
  4. Trim down another cup for the second layer, just slightly smaller than the first layer.
  5. Trim down the third cup, smaller than the second cup. Roll each slit inward to resemble the petals of a rose.
  6. Glue the 3 layers together, turning each layer so the slits lay in between the layers of each other.
  7. Starting at one corner, hot glue your three-level rose creations to the frame. If you notice any spaces in between the roses, bend down your new “petals” to fill in the gaps.
  8. Continue adding your roses until the frame is covered.
  9. Let the glue on all of the roses dry.
  10. Tape off the mirror with blue painter’s tape. If your mirror is large, cover the mirror with a newspaper to keep the paint off.
  11. Spray roses with desired paint. Leave to dry. If you want to leave them the color of the egg crate, you are done! Voila!
Do It Yourself Rose Framed Mirror - Home & Family

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