Ruth Pointer Interview

The legendary singer, Ruth Pointer sits down with Mark and guest host, Melissa Peterman to talk about her new book, “I’m Still So Excited! My Life as a Pointer Sister.” She opens up about about her strict childhood growing up with parents who were ministers in Oakland, California. Ruth also shares her battles with addiction to food and drugs that she says stemmed from being in an abusive relationship with a man. Today, Ruth proudly lives a clean and sober lifestyle and credits motherhood for keeping her health on track for the last 30 years.

DIY Scarf-Necklace Combo - Home & Family

DIY Scarf-Necklace Combo

Orly Shani is showing you how to make your very own handkerchief/necklace combo, a DIY that she was first inspired by when she saw Cristina’s daughter wearing one. She recommends you wear the scarf with a casual outfit. This particular scarf will cost you $2-$20 to make, but can cost you up to $50 if you bought it in a retail store.

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Tater Tot Hot Dish - Home & Family

Tater Tot Hot Dish

Now it is Melissa’s turn to get busy in the kitchen! She is joined by Mark who is helping her make a midwest favorite, Tater Tot Hot Dish! While cooking, Melissa also talks about the new season of her television series, “Baby Daddy,” where legendary television actress Loni Anderson has just been cast to play her mom.

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Health Benefits of Chocolate - Home & Family

Health Benefits of Chocolate

Dr. JJ is here to deliver you some very good news: chocolate has some wonderful health benefits! She explains that cocoa beans contain over 300 compounds that are beneficial to our health. Chocolate can help lower the risk of heart disease, lower cholesterol and may protect against obesity. Dr. JJ reminds you everything should be done in moderation and recommends one square of dark chocolate per day.

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DIY Key Holders - Home & Family

DIY Key Holders

Paige Hemmis is making a DIY key holder with the help of Ruth Pointer. Using materials you can find at your local hardware store, this project is great for keeping your keys organized and easy to find at all times.

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Fried Eggplant with Cream Salad - Home & Family

Sean Lew Cooks

The winner of “Chopped Junior,” Sean Lew is in the kitchen to whip up his show winning favorite dish, deep friend eggplant with cream salad! Sean grew up watching Food Network with his grandmother and from there developed a passion for cooking. Paige calls this dish one of the best she has ever tried on the show! Later on, Sean shows off some of his dancing skills for Home & Family.

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Human Behavior That Annoys Your Dog

Laura Nativo explains that some of our behavior can annoy our dogs. For example, a simple hug to your dog can lead to a dog bite, fear and aggression. It is also important to not rush a dog’s walk, let them stop, smell and explore. Don’t forget to respect your dog’s space boundaries.

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