A DIY from Paige Hemmis.


  • Vice
  • Pliers
  • Pencil
  • Ruler or measuring tape
  • 5 Keys
  • Tack or nail for each key
  • Piece of craft wood
  • Decorations for craft wood
DIY Key Holders - Home & Family


1. Take each key with the flat/large part and place it in the vice. Secure it into place.
2. With your pliers, bend the key so that it takes a “U” shape. You will want to keep the “u” below the hole in the top of the key so that it doesn’t block the nail/tack you will use to hold the key in place.
3. Do this to each key individually until you have enough for your key holder.
4. Decorate the piece of wood how you would like.
5. Take the keys and align them on the wood, marking the hole in the top of each key.
6. Remove the keys and attach one at a time with your tack or nail.
7. Attach the key holder to the wall where you enter the house so you never lose your keys again!

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