Tuesday, June 25th, 2019

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Strawberry Cheesecake Chimichangas - Home & Family

Strawberry Cheesecake Chimichangas

Chef and food blogger from “Just a Taste,” Kelly Senyei is in the kitchen making a tasty Mexican dish that is usually savory, but today she is making it sweet with a cheesecake filling. When making the filling, she adds sour cream to her cheesecake because it adds a nice tangy taste. This is also a fun recipe to get the kids involved in, especially when it comes to covering the chimichanga with cinnamon and sugar.

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DIY Summer Sandals - Home & Family

DIY Summer Sandals

Orly Shani is getting ready for summer with this fashionable DIY, summer sandals. The best part about these sandals is they can be sported during a daytime event or a night on the town. She recommends working with silk ties or skinny scarves. She also shows you how to add fun embellishments like pearls to your sandals for a more sophisticated look.

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Susannah Charleson

Author Susannah Charleson sits down with Cameron, Debbie and Larissa to talk about her new book, “Where the Lost Dogs Go.” In her book, she talks about her love for rescue animals and how many gifts they provide when you decide to adopt one. She also gives hope to those who have lost animals. She says that one out of three animals get lost, but she also provides you tips in her book for the actions you should take immediately if your pet has run away.

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Summer BBQ Must Haves

Cameron Mathison is making sure you have everything you need to host the perfect summer BBQ with this list of his favorite summertime products.

Wembley Grill SGT Apron, $11.99,
Camco Deluxe Folding Grill Table, $62.95,
Weber iGrill Mini, $28.99,

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Summer Job Benefits for Teens

Academic counselor Ana Homayoun visits Home & Family to talk about summer job benefits for teens. She says that social media has instilled a fear in students having face to face time contact when it comes to job interviews. Summer jobs can teach teenagers skills when it comes to organizing, prioritizing and bouncing back when something does not go to plan. A summer job is also a great way to build a student’s self confidence.

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Italian Sausage with Stewed Peppers - Home & Family

Italian Sausage with Stewed Peppers

Bruce Kalman is in the kitchen making Italian sausage with stewed peppers - a recipe that is packed with flavor. Before getting started the owner of Knead & Co Pasta Bar + Market talks about learning how to cook when he worked at a pizzeria at the age of 13. This dish starts with stewing peppers in olive oil. He explains the peppers are sweet enough to balance out the saltiness that comes with the sausage. Make sure to add good quality stewed tomatoes when finishing off this dish.

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DIY Bug Repellents - Home & Family

DIY Homemade Bug Repellents

Kym Douglas is teaming up with Cameron and showing you how to keep those pesky bugs away with these all-natural DIY repellents. The key ingredients to these repellents are essential oils, which can be used to repel certain types of bugs.

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Jonathan McReynolds

Gospel star Jonathan McReynolds sits down with Home & Family to talk about the premiere of his BET series, “Sunday Best,” which you can watch Sunday, June 30th at 8/7c. He shares how he got discovered while he was attending college and decided to record a CD on his laptop. From there, it got passed around Chicago and his career took off. He also shares that his first career dream was to be a meteorologist before becoming a recording artist.

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DIY Wedding Anniversary Piñata - Home & Family

DIY Wedding Anniversary Piñata

In celebration of Hallmark Channel’s June Weddings, Maria Provenzano is putting together a fun piñata. She explains that this is a fun take on the wedding guest book, by filling the piñata with notes from your guests that you will open on your first anniversary. To get started, use a paper lantern that you can find either at a party store or online. She uses a hole punch to create a scallop design to the piñata and attach your cardstock using hot glue.

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5 Ways to Get Your Money’s Worth

Travel expert Jeanenne Tornatore is giving you the best money-saving tips for when it comes to travel. She recommends being flexible with your dates when getting the best flight deals. She says better availability would be towards the end of summer as kids are beginning to go back to school, because the demand is lower. She advises you to pack light, so you only bring carry-on. Finally, she suggests making your hotel reservations by phone to get the best rates.