DIY Wedding Anniversary Piñata

Maria Provenzano has a fun twist on the wedding guest book.


  • Large paper lantern
  • Tissue paper
  • Circle paper punch
  • Glue gun
  • Regular paper
  • String to hang the piñata
  • Small notes for guests to write on and pens
DIY Wedding Anniversary Piñata - Home & Family


1. Cut the circles out using the circle paper cutter

2. *Tip* you need to sandwich the tissue paper between regular paper in order for the punch to work on it. The paper punch will not work on just the tissue paper alone

3. Open the paper lantern according to the manufacturer directions

4. Glue a piece of paper to the open circle at the bottom of the lantern; you need to do this in order to hold all of the notes

5. Attach the circles, overlapping slightly starting at the bottom and working your way up

6. Each layer will slightly overlap the other layer

7. Hang by tying the string to the top of the lantern (there will be a wire)

8. Allow guests to fill the piñata with their notes

9. Hit it open on your 1-year anniversary

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