Tuesday, July 4th, 2017

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Italian Sweet Sausage Potato Salad - Home & Family

Chef Fabio Viviani

Fabio Viviani is back and in the kitchen cooking a delicious Italian sweet sausage with charred serrano pepper potato salad that you can prepare in less than 30 minutes. He even shows you how to make your own sausage, adding chili pepper for an extra-kick.

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Dean Cain

Actor and host Dean Cain visits Home & Family to talk about the new season of “Masters of Illusion,” which you can catch Fridays at 8/7c on The CW. He discusses how the show finds their magicians. Dean has been staying busy, aside from being host of “Masters of Illusion,” he also has a recurring role on “Supergirl.”

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Ask Shirley

Shirley Bovshow takes your questions from social media.

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Pied Piper of Patriotism

The Pied Piper of Patriotism, Preston Sharp is joined by his mother, April to talk about his mission to visit one major military cemetery in every state and clean them up and place flags and flowers at each gravesite. Preston and his mother also make it a point to visit veterans in their community. April has already encouraged her son to create the change he wants to see, so he did.

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DIY Noisemakers - Home & Family - Video

4th of July Noisemakers

Kristin Smith is showing you how to make your own festive 4th of July noisemakers using wood spatulas, jingle bells, craft paint and ribbons. You can find the bells at your local craft store. Just make sure to buy the wooden spatulas with holes already cut.

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Vintage Fashion

Iconic television actress Donna Mills and her daughter, model Chloe Mills talk about fashion and how 80’s styles are coming back. Donna knows a thing or two about these fashions, since her wardrobe in “Knots Landing” was all the rage in the 80’s.

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Six-String Soldiers

The Six-String Soldiers perform “This Land is Your Land” and “City of New Orleans” for Home & Family’s audience.

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DIY Rustic Sailboats - Home & Family

DIY Rustic Sailboats

Ken Wingard is taking driftwood, a drill, twig/dowel, rag, twine and scissors and make your own rustic sailboats. You can find driftwood for this DIY at either your local beach or at a craft store.

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Berry Cherry Cobbler - Home & Family

Berry Cherry Cobbler Pie

Blogger and cookbook author Hayley Parker is in the kitchen preparing a berry cherry cobbler pie, where she gives you tips on getting the perfect cobbler topping. Half-way through baking the pie, cover the top with tin foil. You can always switch up the fruit filling based on the season.

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Last-Minute 4th of July Beauty Tips

Kym Douglas is giving you some of those last-minute beauty tips for the holiday weekend. Ice will help make your skin look dewy and the minerals in beer can strengthen your nails.

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DIY Bandana Accessories

Orly Shani is taking ordinary bandanas and turning them to fashionable accessories, using a E6000 to attach the embellishments.