Ken Wingard is turning some beach driftwood into works of art.


  • driftwood
  • drill
  • dowel/stick
  • rags
  • needle & thread
  • screw eyes
  • scissors

DIY Rustic Sailboats - Home & Family


1. Drill a hole in your driftwood as thick as your dowel/stick

2. Place dowel/stick in the hole and keep in place with a screw eye

3. Cut your rag into two triangles for the sail (one small, on large)

4. Insert a screw eye on the left side of the dowel/stick

5. Insert two screw eyes on top of the driftwood to the left of the stick

6. Attach your sail by using a needle and thread and connecting it to the three screw eyes

7. Repeat this process for the smaller sail

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