Tuesday, January 9th, 2018

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DIY Winter Wonderland Cake - Home & Family

DIY Winter Wonderland Cake

Maria Provenzano is in the kitchen baking a delicious chocolate cake to get your taste buds going. Today, she is mixing up the ingredients for a winter wonderland cake with homemade frosting. She advises you to use a paintbrush when applying the birch tree lines in the cake.

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Sustainable Beauty - Home & Family

Sustainable Beauty

Kym Douglas is showing you how to make your own eco-friendly beauty products including shampoo and conditioner as well as non-toxic toothpaste.

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Ed Begley Jr.

Actor and environmentalist Ed Begley Jr. is back and today he is talking about how to lower your energy bill for the colder months. This starts with checking out a Nest Smart Thermostat, which can lower your energy bill by 15% He also recommends the Caseta Wireless Smart Dimmer, which he says can lower your energy bill by 20%. Also don’t forget to check out Ed’s series, “Future Man” currently streaming on Hulu.

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DIY Sheet Music Wings - Home & Family

DIY Sheet Music Angel Wings

Paige Hemmis taking ordinary sheet music and turning it into angel wings. If you can’t find your own sheet music, you can easily print out lyrics to your favorite songs from the internet.

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Spiced Sweet Potato Bisque - Home & Family

Spiced Sweet Potato Bisque

Debbie making a delicious and comforting spiced sweet potato bisque that is packed with health benefits. She explains that the cloves help support immune function, cayenne pepper will boost your metabolism, cardamom supports healthy digestion and cinnamon is a powerful anti-inflammatory.

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Curvy Winter Fashion

Lawrence Zarian is getting you ready for the colder weather with these fashion picks for curvier women.

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DIY Icicle Mirror - Home & Family

DIY Icicle Mirror

Yelp’s Home Editor and interior designer Lauren Makk visits Home & Family to show you how to make an icicle mirror. Before getting started, make sure you have copious amounts of hot glue because you will need it for the base.

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Chicken Lettuce Cups with Grilled Pineapple, Fresh Mint and Lime

Chef Vikki Krinsky is in the Home & Family kitchen making a delicious lettuce cup appetizer with chicken and scallops. In order to save time, she recommends prepping all the ingredients ahead of time and storing them in separate containers, taking them out when it is time to make the cups.

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Harry Lennix

Actor Harry Lennix sits down with Mark and Debbie to talk about his NBC series, “The Blacklist,” which airs Wednesdays at 8/7c. The show just celebrated their 100th episode and Harry shares photos from the momentous occasion.

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Favorite Fitness Apps

Ali Fedotwosky-Manno is helping you stick to your New Year’s Resolution goals by introducing you to some helpful fitness apps for your phone.