Tuesday, January 28th, 2020

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Cupid Floats with Lollipop Hearts
Ali Manno is whipping up adorable and yummy Valentine’s Day treats inspired by the new Hallmark Channel original “A Valentine’s Day Match,” starring Luke Macfarlane and Bethany Joy Lenz. These treats are perfect for a viewing party!

A Valentine’s Day Match,” premieres Saturday, February 1st at 9pm/8c on Hallmark Channel.

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DIY Ombre Glitter Clutch
Orly Shani shows us how to make a shiny new accessory, a DIY Ombre Glitter Clutch, that will complete any date night outfit.

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tWitch from Ellen’s Game of Games - Home & Family

tWitch - Ellen’s Game of Games
DJ, “So You Think You Can Dance” all-star and announcer for “Ellen’s Game of Games” tWitch visits. tWitch talks about the new games Ellen has in store in this season of “Ellen’s Game of Games.”

tWitch and Kym Douglas have been friends for years and share their special connection.

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DIY Feather Wall Art
Maria Provenzano shows how to take a beautiful African Juju headdress and turn it into wall art. Why buy this expensive high end décor when you can DIY it with Maria’s instructions.

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Kitten Adoption 101 - Home & Family

Kitten Adoption 101
Pets are a lifetime commitment which means there is a lot to think about when adding a feline to your family. Larissa shares essential kitten considerations and adoption information as we countdown to Kitten Bowl.

Rachel Ray and the team at Nutrish support kitten health and pet adoption through the Kitten Bowl and Rachel Ray Foundation.

Visit for information on their rescue partners

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Rachel Beller - Tex-Mex Wraps - Home & Family

Rachel Beller – Tex-Mex Wraps
Registered dietician and author of “Power Spicing” Rachel Beller is in the kitchen with Debbie making delicious Tex-Mex tacos packed with powerful spices that are great for your body and brain.

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Pet Adoption - Luxe - Home & Family

Pet Adoption
Alberta is a loving, trusting and sweet beagle. She loves to give hugs and will fit perfectly into any family.

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Luxe is an amazingly beautiful one-year-old shepherd mix dog that will brighten your day. He is the life of the party with his puppy energy.

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Trash to Treasure
Ken Wingard shares how to fix our favorite broken bowls, mugs and more with an ancient Japanese technique called kintsugi. The technique helps make broken pieces beautiful by repairing it with resign, lacquer and gold.

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Rachel Bertsche – The Kids are in Bed
Journalist and author Rachel Bertsche talks about her latest book, “The Kids are in Bed,” which aims to help parents make the most of their free time.

Rachel also recounts the social experiments behind her hilarious and enlightening books, “MWF Seeking BFF: My Yearlong Search for a New Best Friend” and “Jennifer, Gwyneth & Me: The Pursuit of Happiness, One Celebrity at a Time.”

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Kym’s Clean Kitchen
Kym shares how to keep your kitchen green, clean and toxin free. Kym’s tips and tricks include:

• Reusable straws,

• Stainless steel cookware,

• DIY kitchen cleaner

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Viewer Mail
You asked questions and the family has answers! Ken, Orly and Ali answer your viewer questions from how to easily update your kitchen with tile grout, create a bandana for a big dog and how to style the shelves around your entertainment center.

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Ali Manno’s DIY Kitchen Tile Grout Stain >>

Orly Shani’s DIY Big Dog Bandanas >>