Tuesday, January 16th, 2018

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Golden Milk Smoothies - Home & Family

Ali Liebert

Actress Ali Liebert visits Home & Family to talk about her upcoming Countdown to Valentine’s Day Hallmark Channel Original movie, “Cooking with Love.” She also talks about her dual role on this project as a producer and playing a one in the film. She also shares her delicious and healthy golden milk smoothie recipe, which she made everyday while on the set.

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What You Don’t Know About Hair Care

Kym Douglas shows you some hair products you never thought you needed. The products range from deodorizing hair brush liners which absorb the oil and dirt in your hair while also keeping your brush clean to the Conair Fashion Curl Curling Iron that helps give you those perfect curls.

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DIY Hand Warmers - Home & Family

DIY Hand Warmers

Maria shows you how to make DIY hand warmers to keep you nice and warm in this cold weather. She stresses, not using synthetic fabrics because you will be putting them in the microwave. Maria suggest using wool or cotton fabric that doesn't fray. She adds lavender to make them smell good as well.

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Coconut Cream Lemon Bars - Home & Family

Coconut Cream Lemon Bars

Chef Danielle Kartes puts a delicious twist on a classic with this coconut cream lemon bars recipe. She suggests lining the pan with parchment paper to make taking the bars out easier.

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How to Build a Gallery Wall

Ken shows you how to create a statement in any room of your house with your very own gallery wall. Tips Ken has when creating your gallery wall is to make a template of the items you choose to place on the wall (place a mark on where the nails will be going on each item and later will help in not make too many holes on your wall). He suggests playing around with them out on the wall the way you want them, and lastly, nail the spots where you want them once you know how you want your items to hang.

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Cress Williams

Actor Cress Williams stops by Home & Family to talk about his new CW series, Black Lightning. He also talks about auditioning for the role and how he relates to the character he plays and how he and his wife met through Karaoke.

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Healthy Chilaquiles - Home & Family

“Divorced” Chilaquiles

Chef & weight loss coach, Maru Davila visits the kitchen to show you how this delicious dish that goes by an intriguing name, “Divorced” Chilaquiles. She calls them divorced because she divorced them from ingredients that are usually in chilaquiles that aren’t good for you.

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Anthony Sabato Jr.

Actor Anthony Sabato Jr. stops by to talk about his first Christian based soap opera, "Hilton Head Island." He talks about how they filmed the whole season in one month and how all filming was done on a green screen.

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Plushie Pillows

DIY lifestyle vlogger, Lauren Riihimaki shows you how to make these adorable plushie pillows. Lauren suggests upcycling old projects like using stuffing from old pillows.

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Holiday Financial Planning
Emmy Award Winning consumer reporter, Jeanette Pavini show you how to get out of your holiday credit card debt quickly. Tips she gives on the topic are: getting a zero percent interest credit card, putting away a certain amount every month, bringing your lunch to work to save some money, and participating in focus groups to make some extra pocket cash.