Andy Grammer Performs

Singing sensation and songwriter Andy Grammer performs, “Honey, I”m Good” for the audience of Home & Family. Andy talks about his wife, Aijia, who he married in 2012 and how he proposed to her with the help of a lot of his artist friends and admits he has a huge romantic side.

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How Clean is Your Make-Up?

Beauty Expert Kym Douglas points out the dangers of not cleaning your make-up brushes. Washing your brushes regularly helps keep skin healthy and prevents bacteria accumulation. There is a machine called the Brush Medic that cleans brushes 10 times faster. You can disinfect lipstick by dipping it in rubbing alcohol for 30 seconds. You can wash your brushes with baby shampoo, dish soap, hand soap or alcohol.

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DIY Mosaic Trays

Lifestyle Design Expert Paige Hemmis shows you how to make elegant and functional DIY mosaic trays. Store bought trays can cost up to $1,000, while Paige’s DIY method cost only about $50! When you are finished, the mosaic trays can be placed anywhere inside your home. Paige explains an added benefit to the project is that it is easy and fun to do.

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Ask Cristina
Cristina is on hand to answer your at-home questions. She breaks down where you should keep various items from your kitchen. Peanut butter, unopened salami and pepperoni, coffee beans and soy sauce should all be kept at room temperature. The next question is about oils. She recommends using canola oil and regular oil for roasting, using refined olive oil, avocado oil, ghee, grape seed oil, or coconut oil for high heat cooking, and finally for baking, to use coconut oil, canola oil, or safflower oil. When it comes to bringing a healthy snack to a party, she recommends her white bean puree.

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Samantha Harris Talks Breast Cancer

TV Personality Samantha Harris talks about breast cancer support groups and her website, Gotta Make Lemonade. After she beat breast cancer, she opened up more about the power of positivity and finding support. Samantha also tells Home & Family that when it comes to supporting a person with cancer, always tell, don’t ask when it comes to volunteering to help. In this day and age, people are still reluctant to share they have cancer but finding the right support group can help a person realize they are not alone.

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Maria Provenzano’s Winter Hats

Lifestyle Expert Maria Provenzano shows you how to create fashionable and inexpensive winter hats and headbands. These jeweled winter hats will cost you under $20. This is a great way to repurpose an old sweater by making it into a headband out of the sleeves, as well.

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Gorgeous for Good

Natural Lifestyle Expert Sophie Uliano is back to talk about getting gorgeous for good. She advises for 30 days, giving up fish, dairy, meat, sugar, gluten, alcohol, and soda. She also wants everybody to practice a five-minute meditation daily routine, exercise for a minimum for 40 minutes a day, and also to be ready for fatigue and cravings in the first two weeks when participating in this 30 day program.

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Minced Steak and Mushrooms in Whiskey Cream Sauce

Irish chef Stuart O’Keeffe is back in the kitchen and cooks up minced steak mushrooms with whiskey cream sauce along with a side mashed potatoes with creme fraiche.

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Dr. Stewart Lonky Talks Harmful Toxins

Dr. Stewart Lonky talks about silent killers that we all have around the house. Harmful toxins can be found everywhere which is why it is important to keep dry cleaned clothes outside, use biodegradable protectants and cleaners, use BPA free plastics, and glassware. Expectant mothers and young children are the most at risk to toxins, which is why it is important to be proactive in any small change to your children’s health.

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