Products from the “Gorgeous For Good” Program

  1. A Blendtec Blender: Sophie says this is the Cadillac of high-speed blenders and will help the girls to be able to prepare healthy soups, smoothies, nut butters and more.
  2. A Jawbone Fitness Tracker: This will help the girls to track their daily steps to make sure they are getting Sophie’s recommended 40-minutes of exercise per day. It also helps them to track their food and water intake, their sleep, and other forms of exercise.
  3. A dry skin brush: This is a long-handled natural bristle brush that will help the girls to get their lymphatic systems moving, and minimize cellulite.
  4. Skin care products: Sophie choose some of her favorite truly natural anti-aging products to give the girls for their programs. Products include:

             A Michael Todd Soniclear cleansing brush
          Sircuit Skin anti-aging serums
          Sunshine Botanical Cleansers and peels
          and PureCeuticals Vitamin C + Ferulic Acid serum

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Although Sophie Uliano’s 30-day Gorgeous For Good program outlines a detailed daily plan outlining nutrition, skin care, fitness, yoga and meditation, if you want to follow along before Sophie’s book, Gorgeous for Good comes out, join Kym and Paige with Sophie’s rules below!

Gorgeous for Good

  1. Drink half your body weight in ounces of room-temp, filtered water daily.
  2. Cut out: Dairy, meat, sugar, all refined grains/gluten, alcohol, and coffee (can have 1 cup of morning coffee with non-dairy creamer in the morning if desperate!)
  3. Exercise for at least 40 minutes 6 days per week
  4. Learn Sophie’s 10 minute yoga/mediation morning practice
  5. Switch to truly natural/non-toxic skin care products
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