Tuesday, February 25th, 2020

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Chef Aaron May - Old Fashioned Cake Doughnuts - Home & Family

Chef Aaron May - Old Fashioned Cake Doughnuts
Debbie is in the kitchen with Chef Aaron May as he shows how to make delicious old fashioned cake doughnuts at home. Wow your friends and family with these easy to make treats.

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Doug Adams – Loaded Hashbrown
“Top Chef” finalist, chef Doug Adams joins Cameron in the kitchen to make his Texas Red Loaded Hashbrown. Doug loves to cook and eat this dish which is featured at his restaurant Bullard.

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DIY Pearl Belts
You could buy a belt off the rack that is fine, but why settle for fine when in just a few moments you can create something amazing with Orly Shani’s DIY Pearl Belts.

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Dr. Sabina Brennan – 100 Days to a Younger Brain
Taking care of your brain can help prevent dementia, improve memory and roll back the age of our brain. Research psychologist, neuroscientist, and award-winning science communicator Dr. Sabina Brennan’s new book “One Hundred Days to a Younger Brain” lays out simple steps to take daily to improve our brain health.

“One Hundred Days to a Younger Brain” by Sabina Brennan is available wherever books are sold.

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Styling Your Coffee Table Between Seasons
Coffee tables are more than for books and beverages. Just like the seasons they are constantly changing. Ken Wingard demonstrates his genius FABOO design method to keep your coffee table functional and stylish all year long.

F – Foundation. Start with bowls, trays, to help delineate space.

A – ambience. Votives with candles; you always want to have some sort of candlelight especially if you don’t have a fireplace or mood lighting.

B – Books. Choose books that you actually like and have interest in. Make sure the colors work - neutrals for the season between winter and spring.

O – Outdoor. Add an outdoor element such as a branch, stones, fresh flowers; set on top of the books. Build layers. Have a high, a middle and a low.

O – Oddity. You want to have something unique and distinctive on your table because it sparks conversation

Tip for styling between seasons: Keep it in neutrals, think of your colors as a palate cleanser from the Holidays. Add pale yellows, pale blues, stay away from seasonal - Spring is coming.

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Pet Adoption
Lula is an adorable Anatolian Shepherd. She gave birth to a litter of puppies. They have been adopted but Lula is still looking for a forever home.

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Starling and Magpie are 3-month-old kittens that are ready for adoption. They are sweet and active.

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DIY Confetti Bookmarks - Home & Family

DIY Confetti Bookmarks
Everyone should read and Maria Provenzano is celebrating reading and making it fun with DIY Confetti Bookmarks.

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Cindi Madsen - "Country Hearts" Lasagna - Hallmark Publishing

Cindi Madsen – "Country Hearts" Lasagna
Wife, mother and best-selling author Cindi Madsen joins Debbie in the kitchen to share the details on her newest book “Country Hearts” and make a lasagna featured in the novel. The book follows Jemma as her life is changed when a horse shows up at her front door.

Cindi has written over 30 books and began writing during sleepless nights as a new mom. Pick up a copy of “Country Hearts” wherever books are sold.

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Jessy Hodges Interview
Talented actress Jessy Hodges reminds us how hard it is to find love in the new NBC sitcom, “Indebted.” Her co-stars include Fran Drescher and Steven Weber who play her parents that have moved in with their children after their retirement plans fall through. The show is filmed in front of a live studio audience which Jessy is no stranger to as her husband Beck Bennett performs live each week on “Saturday Night Live.”

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Craft Saws 101 - Home & Family

Craft Saws 101
Ken Wingard shows simple skills DIYers can use to get comfortable using saws. Take crafts to the next level by learning to embrace saws including the jigsaw and circular saw.


• Slim, lightweight, and simple to use

• Many blades are available: can cut through fiberglass, steel, and drywall, wood, etc.

• Corded and battery powered. Interchangeable batteries can be bought within the same brand

• Can cut many different angles; can cut curves

• $30 - $300. Higher the price = more precise cuts and stronger power


• Great for straight cuts

• Can quickly cut through a large stack of wood

• Capable of cutting through anything

• Vertical angle of cut can be adjusted from its standard ninety degrees to forty-five degrees, or to any angle in between

• Can also change the depth of the cut

• More expensive, upwards of a couple hundred dollars

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Family Favorites: Best Parenting Apps
Whether you’ve got toddlers or teens you’ll want to check out these family favorite parenting apps. From setting playdates at the playground while traveling to teaching kids how to save money Ken, Maria and Cameron share the parenting apps they love.

• Playground Buddy

• Bank of Mom And Dad

• Mamabear