Maddalena Ischiale Talks 'Unbroken'

Actress Maddalena Ischiale stops by Home & Family to talk about her blockbuster hit, ‘Unbroken’ and what it was like to be directed by the Academy Award-winning actress, Angelina Jolie. She also opens up about the true story which the movie is based on.

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Debbie Matenopoulos Bakes

Home & Family’s Debbie Matenopoulos bakes a traditional Greek bread called Vasilopita. In tradition, a coin gets baked into the bread and at the end, whoever ends up with the coin will have a blessed year of good luck in the year to come. The bread is mostly served with hot tea or coffee and can be dipped into the hot beverage for a sweeter taste.

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Ken Wingard's Last-Minute Decor

Still looking for NYE decorating tips? Search no further than Home & Family as Lifestyle Expert Ken Wingard as he shows you how to decorate your house for New Year’s Eve and do it on a budget!

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Jill Whelan Visits

Actress Jill Whelan visits Home & Family and talks about the upcoming Tournament of Roses Parade. Jill is probably most recognized for her role on ‘The Love Boat.’ The actress talks about her time there and still being close to a lot of cast members from the show. You can watch the Tournament of Roses Parade on the Hallmark Channel, January 1st, 11AM E/ 8AM P.

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Jeanette Pavini Talks Budgeting

With 2014 coming to a close, Consumer Reporter Jeanette Pavini stops by to talk about money. She offers up advice about how to make the most of the year and reminds viewers that they can always get a free credit report online to see where they stand. She suggests paying one extra mortgage payment a year because that would shave a total of seven years off your life mortgage in the end.

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Kym Douglas's Life Changing Kitchen Hacks

Beauty Expert Kym Douglas is back with some life-changing kitchen hacks that will save you plenty of time. From separating egg yolks to preserving your wine with frozen wine grapes, Kym has you covered with fun helpful tips!

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Nicole Tubiola Talks Black-Eyed Peas

Nicole Tubiola talks about her baby food company, “Simple.” She also opens up about black-eyed peas and how great they are to keep in your freezer after cooking them. In fact, they are rumored to bring you good luck in the new year. Black-eyed peas are a great source of fiber, iron, and potassium and are low in fat.

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Shirley Bovshow Talks Ferns

Garden Designer Shirley Bovshow talks about the classes and newer varieties of ferns. Ferns were in fact one of the first plants to appear on earth! Ferns have a two-part life cycle and are reproduced by spores, not seeds.

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Justine Santaniello Gets Festive

Lifestyle and Trend Expert Justine Santaniello shows you some perfect festive holiday drinks and desserts that are perfect for New Year’s Eve. That includes Parisian macarons, chocolates, and chocolate toffee ice cream sandwiches. 

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