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Shirley Bovshow's Ferns 101

Shirley Bovshow's Ferns 101

Common fern varieties shown:

Boston Fern  
Sword Fern
Button Fern
Leatherleaf Fern
Lace Fern
Chain Fern
Australian Tree Fern
New Zealand Tree Fern
Blechnum Fern
Polystichum Fern

*Thank you to Green Thumb Nurseries for providing assorted ferns for our display. Visit them at SuperGarden.com

New fern varieties shown:
“Mama Mia” fern (Woodwardia)
“Beni Kujaku” fern (Selaginella)
 “Mt. Haleakala” fern (Adiantium)
"Hokaido Gem" fern  (Asplenium)
 “Tongue” fern (Pyrossia Polydactyla)
For more information on these & other specialty fern varieties, visit PlantDelights.com

How To Care For Indoor Potted Ferns:
Proper location-bright but indirect light, 60-75 degrees
Well-draining potting soil
Water to keep soil moist but not saturated and mist leaves periodically
Add room humidifier or group plants to slow evaporation.
Fertilize with slow release granules in spring.

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