Tuesday, December 27th 2016

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Debbie Cooks

Debbie is in the kitchen cooking a delcious dish, called bougasta.

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DIY Pearl Shoes - Home & Family

DIY Pearl Shoes

Orly Shani is in the craft room making stylish pearl shoes. She was inspired by a photo she came across, where the shoes cost $p50! Lucky for you, using Orly’s instructions, this DIY will only cost you $8. She recommends you find the pearl beads at your local craft store or find them online at Amazon.

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DIY Welcoming Mats - Home & Family

Welcome Mats

Paige Hemmis is showing you how to give your home a more welcoming look with this creative DIY proejects.

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How to Get Glowing Skin - Home & Family

How to Glow Inside and Out

Sophie Uliano and Kym Douglas team up to show you some easy at-home remedies that you can make at home to help make your skin glow from the inside out.

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Update Your Dresser - Home & Family

Shim Dresser

Ken Wingard is joined by DIY Dream Job winner, Amber Kemp-Gerstel to show you how to give your dresser a complete makeover. Before getting started, Ken points out the two things that stood out for him when it came to Amber: the first was she was such a fan of crafting and the second was that her projects have a modern-twist. Today’s project is taking an old dresser and adding some modern flair to it by adding shims, which you can find available pre-cut at your local hardware store. This entire DIY will cost you only $40.

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Plants for Darker Rooms

Shirley Bovshow is giving you some ideas for plants perfect for darker rooms. Low light plants are low maintenance, which is an added benefit. She points out that plant labels usually should indicate how much light it needs. Just remember to water the plants when the soil begins to dry, usually once every few days.

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DIY 80's Arcade Bar - Home & Family

80's Arcade Beer Bar

Matt Iseman and Mark are creating the perfect addition to a man cave, an 80’s arcade bar. You can find an old non-working arcade game online for around a hundred dollars. You will also need to purchase a Kegerator to keep the beer cold and it fits perfectly behind the gutted arcade game.

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Last-Minute NYE Fashion

Lawrence Zarian keeps you in fashion with some New Year's Eve looks you will want to check out.

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Eggnog Ice Cream - Home & Family

DIY Eggnog Latte

Getting into the holiday spirit, Dr. JJ is making a nice refreshing dessert, eggnog ice cream. She recommends adding a pinch of salt to her recipe to really enhance the flavors. She also makes a vegan and gluten-free version for those following dietary restrictions. The dessert is a huge hit with the family members.

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Block Party Photo Booth

Mark gets you ready for your next block party with this fun DIY.

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The Science of Ice - Home & Family

The Science of Ice

Food scientist Dan Kohler is in the kitchen breaking down the science of ice and how it is made. He explains that ice is less dense than water, which is why ice floats. After his lesson, he serves up some delicious snow cones.