Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017

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Tony-nominated actor Joshua Harry visits Home & Family to talk about the national tour of “Hamilton,” which is currently playing in Los Angeles. He is well-aware that everybody wants tickets to the popular musical. The actor says it was after seeing Taye Diggs in “Wicked” he was inspired him to dream big and be a stage actor. After the national tour, Joshua will head to New York to perform in the Broadway revival of “Carousel.”

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Birthday Cake Bread Pudding - Home & Family

Birthday Cake Bread Pudding

Pastry chef Barb Batiste is in the kitchen prepping a birthday cake bread pudding. Bread pudding is her specialty, making 50 varieties at the B Sweet Dessert Bar. Bread pudding is cooked when it feels firm to the touch of a fork.

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DIY Christmas Cake Stand - Home & Family

DIY Cake Stand

Maria Provenzano is getting you ready for the holidays with this DIY to help display your dessert at your party. The total cost of this DIY will run around $20.

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Hot Looks for Fall

Celebrity hairstylist Brittany Stevens is giving you the hottest looks for fall, including introducing you to the must-have styling tools and haircare products.

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Back to School Jitters

Author and child development specialist Betsy Brown Braun is giving you some tips on how to handle those back to school jitters. This includes letting your child know that is okay to ask for help, always offer to help your child with their homework and make yourself available for your child and let them know it is okay to feel overwhelmed.

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Mindy Sterling

Actress Mindy Sterling sits down with Mark and Debbie to talk about her SyFy series, “Con Man,” which makes its return in September. She also chats about her excitement of receiving an Emmy-nomination for her role on the show. Mindy opens up about her famous character on “Austin Powers,” where she got the role after Mike Meyers caught a performance of hers.

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Simple Ceviche - Home & Family

Simple Ceviche

Dan Kohler is in the kitchen preparing simple ceviche with fresh fish. He advises you to prepare the fish according to your own preference of texture. When you are ready to finally eat the ceviche, just make sure you drain the water out.

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Eye Floaters

Dr. Annie Negrin is breaking down what eye floaters are and how you can address the problem. She explains that floaters most commonly occur as a result of age-related changes and most of them do not require treatment. If you start experiencing flashes of light, the doctor recommends seeing your doctor immediately.

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Back to School Fashion

Lawrence Zarian is teaming up with All Free Clear to bring you the latest in back to school fashions.

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DYI Blinged Headphones - Home & Family

DIY Blinged Headphones

Orly Shani is updating your headphones with this flashy DIY. She recommends finding the materials at your local bead shop. You can also use any jewelry or any type of last crystal. The total cost of this DIY will run around $7.

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Waste Free Bathroom Routine

Sophie Uliano is giving you some easy tips to make your bathroom routine more green. This includes all-natural shower gel and her own mouthwash recipe.

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