Maria Provenzano has a festive DIY to display your desserts at a holiday party.


  • Wood pedestal
  • 2 Wood rounds (I used a "wood clock" surface")
  • White paint or white spray paint
  • Clear coat or non toxic coat if putting food directly on the stand
  • Glue gun
  • Glitter sticks for glue gun
  • Large plate or piece of glass to create the icicles
  • Snow Tex
  • Fake snow
  • Bottle Brush trees to decorate; plus more snowy scene decorations to create the display
  • Wood glue
DIY Christmas Cake Stand - Home & Family


1) Paint the pedestal and wood rounds; allow to dry

2) Glue the wood pedestal between

3) Create the icicles by heating up a glue gun with the sparkly glue sticks in it

4) Using a large piece of glass or plate, apply the glue onto the surface to create an icicle look by applying larger amounts of glue at the top, and making the glue thinner on the way down

5) Create enough icicles to go all the way around the wood round

6) Allow to dry

7) Apply the icicles around the top wood round

8) Apply more glue if needed to create a fullness to the icicles

9) Apply snow Tex around the sides of the wood rounds above and on the icicles

10) Decorate the space between the wood rounds with the fake snow and snowy scene decorations

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