Thursday, September 19th, 2019

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Diane Ladd Interview - Home & Family

Diane Ladd Interview
Debbie and Ali welcome actress Diane Ladd who plays the wise matriarch Nell O’Brien on the Hallmark Channel original series, “Chesapeake Shores.” Diane talks about her character as well as her TV family's complications! She shares her appreciation for the Hallmark network and describes how much she has loved working with her fellow cast mates. Diane shares a clip from the show that features herself and Treat Williams who plays Mick O’Brien. Diane describes how being a Copacabana dancer helped to cement her future as an actor. She advices to look before you leap, and to listen not just with your ears but also with your heart. You can also catch Diane in the movie “The Last Full Measure” which will be in theaters in October and is based on true events.

Watch Chesapeake Shores on Sundays at 8pm/7c.

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Artichoke Ravioli - Home & Family

Ravioli with Artichokes and Ricotta
Executive Chef of “Spartina” Stephen Kalt is in the kitchen with Ali today making a simple and elegant pasta dish, “Ravioli with Artichokes and Ricotta.” First, he shows how to get to the heart of a full size artichoke before cooking it. Next the hearts get lightly sautéed until tender with delicious ingredients like shallots, olive oil, bay leaf and thyme. One shortcut is to pick up fresh pasta from the market. Also, you could easily substitute other vegetables like broccoli, peas or even roasted butternut squash. The family members love the dish which is topped with a luscious butter and lemon sauce.

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Ultimate Family Organizer
Paige Hemmis is helping keep busy families organized with this attractive DIY. First up you need a cork board, some batting and hot glue. Each person gets a circle! Have fun with choosing different fabric colors and patterns to suit each family member. For guests use chalkboard paint to easily swap out names.

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Fall Lawn Care - Home & Family

Fall Lawn Care
Shirley Bovshow and Home Depot expert George Edward Mitchell are out in the Home & Family yard to provide great information to help you get your lawn happy and healthy! First they show off the Leaf Easy Plastic Leaf and Lawn Chute to help you get fallen leaves off of your lawn. Next up, aerate your lawn with tools you can rent from the Home Depot. This helps to get nutrients, water and air back into your lawn. Finally, find a good organic fertilizer that is safe for pets and kids. This will help your lawn to get the macronutrients it needs to stay healthy all year long.

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Feel Better, Live Longer - Home & Family

Feel Better, Live Longer
Dr. David Jockers is on the show today providing tips to help people achieve their optimal health. At his clinic, the work centers around finding the root causes of chronic disease. Cameron Mathison is a huge fan! Dr. Jockers explains that fasting is very powerful for reducing inflammation and burn body fat for energy. He explains how to approach fasting which can start with a 12 hour window of time. Additionally, he discusses the basics of the Ketogenic diet which centers around healthy fat sources, low carbs and moderate protein. The benefits of this diet are improvements in mood, memory and mindset and reduction in brain inflammation.

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Tamyra Gray Interview
Singer Tamyra Gray is in the kitchen cooking Chicken Adobo. Tamyra opens up about her days on American Idol during its first season and how that was her introduction to the music industry. This recipe comes from her brother, who lived with her and didn’t love her cooking so he taught her how to make it. Serve the chicken over rice or substitute with quinoa or pasta.

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DIY Secret Santa Box
Maria Provenzano joins Ali in the dining room to create a fun DIY for the upcoming holiday season. A Secret Santa Box is the perfect way to reveal Secret Santa names for a gift exchange with friends or family! This craft requires just a few simple tools including a cardboard box, corrugated cardboard, an X-acto knife and bulletin board paper!

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Laurie Gelman Interview
Author of “You’ve Been Volunteered: A Class Mom Novel” Laurie Gelman visits Home & Family to talk about the joys and challenges of being a class mom! Laurie describes how real life events appear in the book, namely “Safety Patrol” where parents help students get to and from school safely before and after the school day. Debbie and Ali can relate, and Debbie talks about her involvement in Alexandra’s school. Laurie also talks about her marriage of 19 years to husband Michael. “You’ve Been Volunteered: A Class Mom Novel” is available now.

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Roasted Garlic Short Rib Stuffed Ciabatta - Home & Family

Roasted Garlic Short Rib Stuffed Ciabatta Sandwich
Debbie is in the kitchen today preparing a hearty sandwich featuring seared ribs and Ragu Simply Roasted Garlic Sauce! Be sure to use foil to cover the dish before it goes into the oven because it will cook low and slow. The great part about this recipe is that it is full of flavor and is a great fit for an outdoor picnic, sporting event or tailgating.

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Nancy Hicks Interview
Author of “Meant to Live” and former QVC host Nancy Hicks joins Ali and Debbie to talk about her new book! She reflects on her time at QVC and shares that she had a profound moment where she discovered that she was less inclusive than she thought she was. This helped her to reframe and make inclusion more of a priority in her life. She believes every person has intrinsic value, and in her book she wanted to address the divisions within the Christian community. Nancy’s book “Meant to Live” is available now.

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Adoption Ever After - Amelia, Hayden and Harriet - Home & Family

Adoption Ever After
Today, Larissa introduces a beautiful Dutch Shepherd named “Berlin” who is currently in Seattle at DogGone Seattle. He is 3 years old and takes cues well from other Alpha dogs, but would also be good as an only dog with an active family that enjoy outdoor activities.
Berlin is a bit hesitant around younger children but would do well with older kids.

Larissa shares some puppy love with three 8 week old puppies, Amelia, Hayden and Harriet who are a Shepherd and Great Dane mix. They are available for adoption from Paw Works in Los Angeles. These little ones have lots of energy and will require lots of TLC and training!

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