Maria Provenzano creates a fun DIY for the upcoming holiday season.


  • Rectangular cardboard box *Preferably on that opens on the short ends instead of the long ends. *
  • X-Acto knife
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • ruler/measuring tape
  • scissors
  • spray adhesive
  • Christmas ribbon, optional
  • Christmas decorations; optional
  • Red wrapping paper or bulletin board paper


1. Draw a half circle on the side of your boxes.

2. Use the measuring tape to measure out how high you would like the top of the mailbox to be

3. Draw a half-circle on two of the four sides, opposite of each other to create the two rounded sides of the mailbox

4. Use an x-acto knife to cut out the shape, this will leave you with the two rounded sides higher than the other two sides

5. BEFORE attaching the top; trace the two rounded sides of the shape onto the red bulletin board paper, leave about a 1 inch excess around the shape and cut it out

6. Spray the backside of the red paper with spray adhesive and attach it to the cardboard shape folding over the excess

7. Repeat with the other sides and top

8. After the entire box is covered with the red paper, measure out the Christmas ribbon to attach to any imperfections; this adds great detail but also covers anything that isn’t covered perfectly

9. Add fun details like a slit in the front for mail to go through by cutting a rectangle shape with the x-acto knife and covering the cut areas with more ribbon

10. Cut a larger shape in the back of the box, only cutting three out of the four sides so that the mailbox can be opened and the letters and/or names can be picked out

11. Add any other fun details to make it look special like letters, stickers, etc.

Three options for the rounded top:
1. use corrugated cardboard and attach it to the top of the shape using hot glue

2. use a long flat piece of cardboard and score it with the x-acto knife to create your own corrugated cardboard and attach it to the shape using a hot glue gun

3. If you have a very long box, you could leave one of the sides uncut, use the x-acto knife to score it, and then fold it over to the other side and attach using a hot glue gun

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