Ultimate Family Organizer

Paige Hemmis helps keep busy families organized with this attractive DIY.


  • Cork board rounds (size 12” and 9”) – one for each family member
  • Cotton fabric (no stretch) in the colors that you like
  • Thin batting
  • Hot glue/glue gun
  • Fabric scissors
  • Wood plaque signs
  • Wood letters to fit on the signs
  • French cleat or z-clips for hanging
  • Push pins, thumb tacks and clamps
  • Marker/Sharpie
  • Pencil
  • Acrylic paint in cream
  • Acrylic paint in brown


1. Set your corkboard on the fabric you would like to use. Cut the fabric about 3” outside of the corkboard all the way around.

2. Iron your fabric in order to get rid of any wrinkles or folds

3. Set your corkboard on the batting. Trace around the corkboard with a marker.

4. Set the corkboard aside and cut out the batting.

5. Using hot glue, set the batting on the corkboard.

6. Lay the fabric down on a flat surface face down. Put the corkboard on the fabric, with the batting side down.

7. Starting at one side of the fabric, pull the fabric over to the back of the corkboard and hold in place with hot glue.

8. Continue that step all the way around until you’ve covered your corkboard completely with fabric.

9. Cut off any excess fabric along the back and glue down any loose pieces. Be sure to leave a spot for your French cleat or z-hook in the middle of the board.

10. Take your wood plaque and paint it brown (or any color of your choosing).

11. Take your wooden letters and paint them cream (or any color of your choosing). You only need to paint the letters that you will be using to spell each of your family’s names.

12. Once dry, lay out your letters on the board. Mark with a pencil where you like their placement.

13. Hot glue letters in place.

14. Using a push pin, attach the name plate to the board.

15. Hang all the boards on the wall and see how good it feels to be ORGANIZED! Woo hoo!

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