Thursday, October 17th, 2019

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Potato Gnocchi with Chestnuts, Porcini Mushrooms & Sage - Home & Family

Potato Gnocchi with Chestnuts, Porcini Mushrooms & Sage
Chef Ron Suhanosky shows how to make a pillow soft, Potato Gnocchi with Chestnuts, Porcini Mushrooms, and Sage. Chef Ron’s recipe is a simple and seasonal, Italian dish. The key is using Idaho potatoes as they hold a lot of moisture.

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Matthew Modine Interview - Home & Family

Matthew Modine
Actor Matthew Modine has been seen on big and small screens in so many amazing projects including the hit Netflix show, “Stranger Things.” Matthew was inspired to become an actor after meeting Robert Redford. His new film, “Miss Virginia” is also inspired by a real-life person, Virginia Ford, portrayed by Uzo Aduba.

Matthew also shares the sweet story of how he met his wife while working at a restaurant in Utah.

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DIY Drop Pendant Lights - Home & Family

DIY Drop Pendant Lights
Cameron learns how to light up a room with the brightest guy he knows, Ken Wingard. You do not always have to buy your home lighting. You can easily create it at home. Ken’s DIY Drop Pendant lights are a chic and inexpensive way to add accent lighting to your home. The key to this craft is using an attractive, energy saving light bulb, like a plumen, that does not heat up.

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Board certified breast surgeon, co-founder of The Pink Lotus Breast Center, and Best-selling author Kristi Funk shares how we can live a cancer kicking life. Her book, “Breasts: The Owner’s Manual” is coming out in paper-pack with a bonus chapter which she defines as a roadmap to live a cancer kicking life.

The chapter spawned into a real-life retreat in which Dr. Funk does a deep dive into the soil of your life and plants nine seeds including thinking, eating and moving. Each seed is key to leading your most fruitful and bountiful life.

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Wrap Dresses for Every Body - Home & Family

Wrap Dresses for Every Body
The wrap dress is a fashion staple every woman should have in their closet. Fun facts about this dress include:

• In 1974 Diane von Furstenberg created the iconic wrap dress.
• It's a dress made of often colorful & elaborately patterned jersey material.
• The dress wraps around the body, crosses at the chest & cinches at the waist. Easy, stylish and chic.

Lawrence showed, from petite to curvy bodies, how to find and style this chic classic for your shape. When looking for the perfect petite fit, choose a dress that is no longer than knee length. Fuller figures will be flattered in a flowy dress with a pattern that keeps the eye moving.

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Adoption Ever After - Serena - Home & Family

Adoption Ever After
Serena, a beautiful, black German Shepherd, will make your house a home. At two-years-old she loves cuddles and treats. October is Adopt a Shelter Dog month and Serena is a great example of the amazing dogs available for adoption.

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Larissa also introduces a good boy named Biscuit. He is a sweet and energetic dog in Vermont looking for a forever home.

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Mini Eggplant Pizza - Home & Family

Mini Eggplant Pizza
Nutrition expert and author Joy Bauer joins Cameron in the kitchen to make the most adorable and healthy Mini Eggplant Pizzas.

Joy is ready for a pizza party as this recipe comes from her new book, and first kid’s book, “Yummy Yoga.” Joy’s mini pizzas are kid-friendly to make and eat. She takes one of their favorite meals and makes it healthier by replacing the white, chunky, flour crust with eggplant.

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DIY Flannel Coffee Cup Cozies & Coasters - Home & Family

DIY Flannel Coffee Cup Cozies & Coasters
Give a warm hug to your mug with Maria's DIY Flannel Coffee Cup Cozies & Coasters. Maria takes sweater weather to a whole new level by putting a flannel cozy on your favorite Fall drinks.

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Chasing the Bright Side
Jess Ekstrom, author of “Chasing the Bright Side,” tells us how one flicker of hope is all it takes to catapult yourself into the life you have always wanted. Her new book explains optimism is not about being happy all the time but rather a strategy to do better.

Jess is no stranger to using optimism as a strategy. She is the founder of Headbands for Hope an initiative giving confidence and smiles to young cancer patients through headbands.

“Chasing the Bright Side” is available November 5, wherever books are sold. You can pre-order your copy now.

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DIY Mountain Vista Shelf
Decorative shelves are perfect for adding extra storage space in your home during the holidays. Paige shows Cameron how to create a DIY Mountain Vista Shelf Inspired by the mountains and vistas featured in “Last Vermont Christmas” airing Thursday, October 17th at 9pm/8c on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries.

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Training Tricks and Treats
When it comes to training dogs, you need patience and good treats. Larissa has tips, tricks, and training tools to help in all aspects of dog training. This month is a great time for these tips as October is Adopt a Shelter Dog month.

Larissa’s tips include setting boundaries, daily walks, and giving positive re-enforcement with treats like Pup-peroni.

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