Thursday, March 5th, 2020

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Alie Ward Interview - Home & Family

Alie Ward
Emmy award-winning science correspondent from Innovation Nation and host of “Did I Mention Invention” Alie Ward visits. Alie travels the country to talk to inventors that are creating inspiring work including two roboticists that created a cute robot to help nurses.

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Adam Gertler - Reuben Tots - Home & Family

Adam Gertler – Reuben Tots
Tater tots get promoted from side dish to main entrée with Dog Haus Würstmacher Adam Gertler’s Reuben Tots. Inspired by the reuben sandwich as this dish is basically a reuben with tater tots instead of bread.

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DIY Gold Leaf Accent Wall
You can elevate just about any project with gold-leaf, but Ken Wingard is taking it one step further creating a fabulous and frugal Gold Leaf Accent Wall. A bold statement that will make your home feel like a castle.

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Money Saving Home Hacks
Keeping our homes warm and the lights on is not cheap. Cameron is here to save the day with money saving home hacks we can use to save a lot of money and energy.

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Dr. Christine Carter
As our children get older the challenges of parenting change. Dr. Christine Carter gives us a fresh perspective with teen parenting tips from her new book, “The New Adolescence.”

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Pet Adoption - Tucker - Home & Family

Pet Adoption
Callie is a boxer mix with the best face you’ve ever seen, with the softest fur coat and pink tummy she loves having rubbed. She loves to follow commands, cuddle and hike.

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Tucker is a flat coat retriever mix with a soft fur coat. He is a gorgeous big boy that could potential grow to be between 50 – 80lbs. He is a great family companion that would do well with an active family that likes to hike.

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Phil Kastel - Stuffed Cheesy Spinach Crepes
When you are looking for a savory dish to impress your guests crepes are a great go to. Phil Kastel, Executive Chef of The Milky Way, show hows to make delicious Stuffed Cheesy Spinach Crepes. The Milky Way was founded 30 years ago by director Steven Spielberg’s mom, Leah.

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Amy Marella – Ranunculus Arrangements
A beautiful floral arrangement can brighten up any room but creating your own can be intimidating. Celebrity florist and owner of the Hidden Garden Amy Marella shows us some tricks of the trade with ranunculus arrangements perfect for Spring.

  • Process your ranunculus flowers. Giving them a fresh cut & immediately putting them in water is important

  • Use a floral pillow instead of a tape grid. This will hold your flowers into place when you start to arrange them

  • Add flower food OR bleach. This really helps to keep your water clean and provides longevity

  • Start with your bigger flowers first

  • Add in your greenery

  • Finally add in your ranunculus

  • Keep turning vase as you go so you can see where all your empty spots are

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Omar Miller
Actor Omar Miller is making audiences laugh on the CBS comedy, “The Unicorn.” He plays Ben on the show and shares with Debbie and Cameron how on the show and in real-life humor helps us through grief.

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Upcycled Glass Jars - Home & Family

Upcycled Glass Jars
Spruce up your bathroom décor and save a few bucks by upcycling household jars. Paige Hemmis shows how pasta and pickle jars can be used to create beautiful bathroom storage for beauty essentials.

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Hottest Dress Silhouettes
The National Dress Day Smalliday is coming and to celebrate Lawrence Zarian is showing us the perfect dresses for our silhouettes.

National Dress Day is all about celebrating the dress you wore at a memorable moment. Share a photo of yourself and let us know all about the dress and what that moment meant to you on Facebook here.


• Lane Bryant Pink Rose Smocked-Waist Fit & Flare Dress

Looks Provided By:


• Catherine’s Teal Palm Rush Twist-Knot Maxi Dress

Looks Provided By:


• Lane Bryant Fresh, Floral Crossover Midi Dress

Looks Provided By:

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