Ken Wingard is creating a bold statement wall that will make your home feel like a castle.


  • Gold leaf
  • Metallic leaf adhesive
  • Wall stencil
  • Chip or dustpan brush


  • Painter’s tape


1. Consider the entire design before you start so that your stencils can be evenly spaced and cover the wall.

2. Place the stencil on the wall.

PRO TIP: You can use painter’s tape to hold the stencil in place while you spray.

3. Spray metallic leaf adhesive onto the stencil where you want the leafing to stick.

4. Place the leafing sheets on the adhesive and use a brush to pat the leafing into the adhesive.

5. Wait the appropriate amount of time according to the leaf adhesive to set then brush to dust away the excess gold leaf.

6. Repeat in a pattern on your wall until you like the pattern and enjoy!

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