Ricardo Chavira Interview

The “Scandal” actor sits down with Mark and Cristina to discuss his recurring role on the popular ABC drama. He points out that the set is very secretive so he can’t divulge too much about his upcoming storyline. Aside from acting, Ricardo is also a full-time father to two children, Tomas and Belen. Ricardo also talks about what it was like recently acting again with his former “Desperate Housewives” wife, Eva Longoria.

DIY Light Up Clutch - Home & Family

DIY Light Up Clutch

Orly Shani has a fun DIY light-up clutch that she is going to show you how to make. She was inspired when she saw a similar clutch as an art installation that costs $2,995. Orly calls the clutch a work of art and that it is meant to be show stopper when you walk into a room.

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“Long Lost Family” interview

The co-hosts of TLC’s “Long Lost Family,” Chris Jacobs and Lisa Joyner talk about their show, which reunites families with their loved ones. Chris, himself, was adopted at 22 months old and located his birth mother at the age of 24. Because the two have had such success with the show, hundreds of people have reached out to production for help with finding loved ones. The two bring a clip from their show for Home & Family to watch, explaining just how compelling these stories are.

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Sunny Quail Egg Appetizer - Home & Family

Sunny Quail Egg Appetizer

Chef Shanti Hinojos is in the kitchen making her on-air debut with a recipe for Sunny Quail Egg Appetizers. If Shanti looks familiar it is because she is the official Home & Family food stylist! Her job is to make sure to food doesn’t just taste good, but that it also looks beautiful on the show. When it comes to cooking, Shanti was influenced by her family growing up. After preparing the appetizers, she pairs it with a delicious pisco sour cocktail. She is surprised when “Cutthroat Kitchen” judge Simon Majumdar shows up. The last time the two were together was when she was eliminated from the competition show.

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Social Media Trends - Home & Family

Social Media Trending

Kristin Smith is talking about the importance of retweeting to get your message across. She explains that Twitter can open the doors to positive and negative feedback. She reminds viewers at home that once you post something on social media it lives there forever. Orly opens up about how social media has helped her personal brand when it comes to business.

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Family-Friendly Movies - Home & Family

DIY Agate Stone Necklace

Paige Hemmis is showing you how to save money by making your own piece of jewelry for as little as $12, as opposed to spending hundreds of dollars if you bought the necklace at a retail store. Using materials that you can find at your local craft store, you can create a colorful agate stone necklace. The best part about agate is that it comes in all types of vibrant colors.

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Family-Friendly Movies - Home & Family

Family Friendly Movies

Debbie Matenopoulos is breaking down what movies are the most entertaining and family-friendly that you can take your kids to. Her top picks are “Zootopia” and “Miracles from Heaven.” She points out that you can see these films with family, kids, friends or by yourself. She adds that “Zootopia” just gave Disney their highest grossing opening of all time, beating “Frozen” by ten million dollars!

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Hollywood Steals

Sandie Newton gives you a list of deals you can find on this week’s Hollywood Steals.

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Ask the Hosts

It is that time again for Mark and Cristina to answer your questions from Facebook!