Learn how to create beautiful agate stone necklaces.
DIY Agate Stone Necklace
Fashion, Jewelry, Handmade


  • 1 Agate slice pendant
  • 1 gold or silver chain in your desired length
  • 2 gold or silver jump ring
  • 1 gold or silver clasp
  • Needle-nosed pliers (or a jewelry pliers kit)


  1. Measure the desired amount of chain that you would like for your pendant. You can make a short one that hangs on your sternum right below your neck (about 14”) or you can make a longer one that hangs a bit lower (about 36”). I prefer a longer chain, so I will be making mine 36”.
  2. Open one of the jump rings with your pliers and attach it to one end of your chain. Once the jump ring is through the chain, re-close the ring with your pliers by squeezing it back together.
  3. Repeat this process for the other end of your chain.
  4. Attach the clasp to one end of your chain (which ever side you are most comfortable using when you put on a necklace). I’m right-handed so I like the clasp to be in my right hand.
  5. Thread the Agate pendant over the small end of the chain.

Bonus Step-Out

Two-tiered necklace. The step-out will stay the same with these additions (and materials list will add chain and charm):

  1. Measure two lengths of chains – one at 14” and one at 36”
  2. Same
  3. Repeat this process for both sides of both chains (4 in total)
  4. Thread your Agate on the long chain
  5. Thread a charm (or desired pendant) on the smaller chain
  6. Take both jump rings on the right side and attach them to a larger jump chain that will attach to your clasp. Use your jewelry pliers to extend and contract the jump rings.
  7. Continue this process on the left side, attaching both jump rings to a larger jump ring that will serve as the connector piece to your clasp.
  8. Put around your neck and wear with pride!

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