Sunny Quail Eggs on Brioche Squares with Goat Cheese and Crispy Prosciutto

A delicious appetizer recipe from Chef Shanti Hinojos


  • 1x pack quail eggs (15 per pack)
  • 1x loaf of sliced brioche bread
  • 1x pack sliced prosciutto
  • Maldon smoked salt and fresh ground pepper
  • Micro cilantro
  • *Quail egg cutter available on Amazon

Sunny Quail Egg Appetizer - Home & Family


1. . Drizzle sliced bread with oil or spray with pan spray and lightly grill on a cast iron grill pan.

2. Remove crusts and cut into 2x2 squares.

3. Cut prosciutto into same 2x2 squares and crisp up in a pan, set on a paper towel lined baking sheet.

4. Using egg cutter, gingerly remove tops of eggs and discard, keep eggs in container.

5. In a lightly oiled non stick pan, fry quail eggs, just until bottom sets, remove from heat.

6. Mix goat cheese and half n half. Spread a teaspoon on the bread, top with crispy prosciutto, then egg.

7. Drizzle with a finishing oil and season lightly with smoked salt and fresh ground pepper.

8. Top with micro greens and serve on a platter with napkins.

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