Thursday, July 4th, 2019

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Old Town & Sooo Veggie Dogs - Home & Family

Old Town & Sooo Veggie Dogs
Celebrity Chef Adam Gertler shows creative ways to make mouthwatering meat and vegetarian hotdogs. For bacon-wrapped hotdogs, Adam recommends cooking on a flat top griddle first to avoid flareups caused by cooking raw bacon on an open grill.

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4th of July Bike & Wagon Decorations
Ken Wingard adds a little patriotic flair to your bikes and wagons using 4th of July paper plates. Ken suggests using decorative paper fans if you can’t find paper plates.

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Larissa & Chris Van Etten with Harley
Retired Marine canine handler Chris Van Etten stops by with his dog Harley. Chris shares how Harley helped him cope after he was injured in Afghanistan. He also talks about how their relationship inspired Dogs 2 Dog Tags, an organization that matches dogs in need of homes with veterans who need companionship.

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Potato Salad 2 Ways - Home & Family

Potato Salad Two Ways
Debbie and Cameron have the ultimate potato salad throwdown. For a creamier potato salad, Debbie strains the yogurt for 3 hours in the refrigerator. Meanwhile, Cameron takes a spin on his potato salad by using sweet potatoes.

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Beach Wear - Home & Family

Beach Wear
Lawrence Zarian shows you looks that’ll make you shine on and off the beach. Some tips Lawrence gives include wearing outfits with well-placed ruffles that can hide a fuller waistline. Lawrence also suggests outfits with a tie-front design to brings focus to the smallest part of the waist, creating a flattering hourglass silhouette.

LOOK #1 Amber
· Tie-Dye Swim Dress, Catherines
· White Eyelet Denim Jacket, Catherines

LOOK #2 Adrianna
· Tie-Front cover-up dress, Cacique Intimates for Lane Bryant

LOOK #3 Chelsea
· Tile Mosaic Caftan, Catherines

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Cheeseburger Cake - Home & Family

Cheeseburger Cake
Amirah Kassem shows you how to make the ultimate cheeseburger dessert. Amirah suggests adding brown or black gel dye to plain cake to create the “patty,” if you don’t want to use chocolate cake.

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Last Minute 4th of July Decorations
Maria and Paige show how you can make some last-minute 4th of July decorations that will make your party pop! Paige shows you how to make a patriotic wreath, while Maria creates an impressive tablescape.

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5-star Glamping
Kym Douglas puts a 5-star twist on camping by glamping. Products she features include a shower tent, a portable washing machine, and a portable espresso machine.

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Pool to Party Hair
Beauty expert Ami Desai shows you easy hairstyles that will take you from the beach to the party. Ami showcases a messy side twist and a knotted ponytail. She also suggests styling with a beaded or jeweled hairpiece to give a touch of elegance to these simple looks.

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DIY Bandana Jacket
Orly shows you how to give your jacket an Americana vibe with this no-sew DIY. Orly recommends laying out where you want the colors, before fine-tuning the size, shape, and cut before attaching with fabric glue.

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