Maria Provenzano shows you how you can make some last minute 4th of July decorations that will make your party pop!

Materials for Paper Plate Wall Art

  • Red, white, and blue plates
  • mounting tape or double-sided tape depending on the wall

Materials for Galvanized Bucket 4th of July Makeover

  • galvanized buckets (any bucket could be used though!)
  • acrylic paint
  • paint brushes; it helps to find some that already are “star” shape painters tape

Materials for Red, White, and Blue Ribbon Swag

  • Red, white, and blue ribbon of varying widths and designs
  • Pins (pending)
  • Star decoration (pending)
  • Note: the pending supplies are based on how we decide to hang the ribbons as we work
  • lights; pending but I think would be super cute!!


1. Tape the plates onto the wall to look like an American flag.

2. This can be as large or as small as you like; it is a cool way to make a big statement, last minute, with simple supplies.

1. The plan, for now, is that I will have three as vases and then smaller ones that can hold food.
2. Vase one: Stars
3. Use the star paint brush stamp to create stars all around the buckets
4. Vase two: Stripes
5. Use painters tape to block of lines to create stripes
6. Tip: use a fabric measuring tape to preplan the stripes to make them even
7. Tip: make sure to remove the painter's tape before the paint dried, otherwise it can pull the paint off
Vase three; If I do a third one, it will be pending based on what the table looks like, but was thinking I could just use ribbon
The rest of the buckets will have food in them, thinking strawberries, blueberries, and popcorn

1. Use one piece of ribbon to measure how long the table is.

2. Then use that same ribbon to create the “swag” look; this will use more ribbon.

3. Cut the ribbon (making sure to err on the side of caution by having extra slack for the ribbon).

4. Use the piece of ribbon as the length to measure all the other ribbon.

5. Create a long line with multiple ribbons and attach it to the table.

6. Start by attaching it to the center and working your way out.

7. Add a star over the areas where the ribbons are attached to conceal any pins.

8. **Add lights for a fun and festive “twinkle” look

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