Fran Drescher Interview

Two-time Emmy Award winning actress Fran Drescher sits down with Mark and Cristina to discuss her animated movie, “Hotel Transylvania 2” which is available on DVD and Blu-Ray January 12th. Fran explains the process of voicing a character and how much fun it was working on the film. Aside from acting, Fran also recently hosted the Women’s Health Summit and is active with her organization

Wagyu Beef & Sweet Potato Waffle Fried Sliders - Home & Family

Cristina Cooks with Fran

Cristina is joined in the kitchen by Fran Drescher to whip up her daughter Alex Thomopoulos’ recipe for mini wagyu beef & sweet potato waffle fry sliders! They pair the flavorful dishes with her spicy grapefruit margarita. Everybody reaches for the margarita before starting on the sliders. Cristina points out that if you don’t want to use wagyu beef, you can also use bison, veggie or turkey patties.

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Beauty Products from Around the World

Kym Douglas introduces you to some very amazing beauty products from all over the globe. She shows off a foundation applicator that gives you eight-hour coverage and even a thermal water spray that helps with scaly skin and acts as a primer when applying makeup.

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Ross Mathews Interview

The host of “Hollywood Today Live,” Ross Mathews stops by to talk about his own personal predictions for this Sunday’s Golden Globe Awards. He still believes “Spotlight” will be a big winner and thinks Leonardo DiCaprio will walk away with an award. He also predicts a lot of surprises. Ross also shares that his biggest starstruck moment was meeting “The Property Brothers” from HGTV.

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Safety Tips for Outdoors - Home & Family

Safety Tips for Outdoors

Dian Thomas is here to share some safety tips for the outdoors and recalls some funny stories of going on outdoor adventures with Home & Family executive producer, Woody Fraser. The best advice Dian’s father gave her was to always be prepared, plan and organize your trip. Also, always tell people where are you are going and bring a map. Don’t forget to check the weather and bring layers to wear. Finally, don’t forget your First Aid kits!

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Rainy Day Fashion

Debbie Matenopoulos hosts a rainy day fashion show outside with all the latest trends that will keep you in fashion and keep you dry. From umbrellas, to coats and rain boots, Debbie has all the looks covered!

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Hallmark Cards's Keion Jackson - Home & Family

Keion Jackson Interview

Keion is a Senior Writer at Hallmark Cards and he relates his story of how he got into the business. He credits comedian Chris Rock as an influence for him to pursue a career in writing. Keion focuses on his own faith-inspired Hallmark products and the messages behind them.

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Awesome Lunch Boxes - Home & Family

Cool Lunch Boxes

Kristin Smith and Tanya Memme team up to show you some of the coolest lunch boxes on the market. After Kristin introduces you to the lunch boxes, Tanya shows you how to make Thermos Cozies to keep your beverages warm.

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DIY Shaggy Sweater Vest - Home & Family

DIY Shaggy Sweater Vests

Using only a loose-knit sweater, yarn and scissors, Paige Hemmis is about to make a very fashionable DIY shaggy sweater vest. She points out that if you purchase a shaggy sweater vest at a retail shop it can cost you well over a hundred dollars, but when you make your own using Paige’s instructions, it can cost you less than ten dollars.

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