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DIY Shaggy Sweater Vest

DIY Shaggy Sweater Vest

A DIY from Paige Hemmis.
  • A loose-knit sweater or sweater vest
  • Yarn of your liking (we use lion brnad wool-ease chunky cream)
  • Scissors


1. Take 6 strands of yarn and cut at 8” long each
2. Start at the bottom of your sweater. take the 6 strands of yarn and push one end through the sweater’s weave.
3. Bring the yarn through so that both sides of the yarn are equal.
4. Tie off the pieces of yarn in a knot.
5. Continue this process around the bottom level of the sweater, about 1⁄2” distance apart.
6. Continue all the way around, then add a row about 2” up and continue the same process until the entire vest/sweater is complete.

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