Thursday, February 13th, 2020

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Bill Engvall Interview
Known for his blue-collar comedy, Bill Engvall wears a collar of a different kind as Reverend Paul on the sitcom, “Last Man Standing.” Bill visits and talks about the show and how it inspired him to get ordained and go to seminary school.

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Mailbox Wall
Ken receives a sweet Valentine’s Day cards from his husband Mike and their children.

One thousand fans who entered Hallmark Channel's Share a Little Love sweepstakes have started to receive cards from their favorite Hallmark stars including Cameron.

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Emily Hutchinson – Box of Chocolate Cookies
The only thing better than a box of chocolates is a box of chocolate cookies. Founder of “The Hutch Oven” Emily Hutchinson joins Debbie in the kitchen to make these special red velvet cookies designed to look like a box of chocolates.

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DIY Tree Log Art
Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and there are many creative ways to express love for your special someone. Ken is kickng it old school with a DIY Tree Log Art, a throw-back to carving the initials of you and your love in a tree. Ken was inspired to create this special gift by the new Hallmark Channel original movie “The Secret Ingredient.”

The Secret Ingredient” premieres Saturday, February 15 at 9pm/8c on Hallmark Channel.

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Valentine’s Fashion from Your Closet
Got a last-minute Valentine’s dinner date but don’t know what to wear? Lawrence Zarian has you covered and shows how easy it is to save your time and money by shopping your closet for the perfect outfit.



• Inc Medium Heather Gray Puff Sleeve Sweater
• Inc Dark Wash Straight Leg Jeans


• Floral Multi Print Scarf
• Perfect Pink Handbag
• Light Pink And Fuschia Pink Enamel Bangles

Looks provided by: &



• Tommy Hilfiger Ivory/Black Belted Colorblocked Surplice Jumpsuit


• Soft Pink Pashmina
• Black Envelope Clutch
• Crystal Hair Clips

Looks provided &



• Express Truffle Pink Belted Mock Neck Seath Dress
• White House Black Market Blazer


• Red Silk Rose Pin Brooch
• White House Black Market Black Obi Sash
• Lane Bryant Black Heart Earrings

Looks provided by:

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Soraya Sutherlin – Disaster Preparedness
Certified Emergency Manager Soraya Sutherlin shares how you can raise your emergency preparedness IQ. Soraya’s tips increase our safety savvy.

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Pet Adoption
Essenden is a cute German Shepherd. She is a sweet three-year-old that loves making friends and is ready for her forever home.

Find out more about how to adopt Essenden at

Barack is wonderful little four-year-old with beautiful fur and big ears. He is a little love bug that loves to be petted.

Find out more about how to adopt Barack at

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Bryant Terry – Butternut Squash Hand Pies
Educator and Chef Bryant Terry makes a hand pie steeped in history from his new book “Vegetable Kingdom,” which puts a spin on southern classics.

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Derek Theler Interview
Best known for his role on “Baby Daddy” as Danny Wheeler, actor Derek Theler is shifting gears as Sasquatch in the new series “68 Whiskey.” The show is based on the code name for US army medics. Derek also talks about being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.

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DIY Dog Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day has literally gone to the dogs as Paige and Larissa have teamed up to spread the love to our furry family members. They give tips to create treats and storage for them that matches the aesthetic of your home.

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Julia Cook – Life Lessons for Kids
Julia Cook turned her career a school counselor into a children’s book empire with over 2 million books sold. She shares her latest titles, “I’m Stretched" and “Herman Jiggle Say Hello." Each book teaches important life lessons for kids.

“I’m Stretched” and “Herman Jiggle Say Hello” by Julia Cook are available wherever books are sold. Connect with Julia on her Social Media Pages and on her website.

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Viewer Mail
We love hearing from viewers across the country. The family answers a new round of questions. Ken Wingard shows how to decorate with a Longaberger basket. Debbie shares how to remove the smell of garlic, onions or even fish from your hands and home. Paige shows how to store your acrylic paint bottles.

Ken's Basket Decorating Tips:

  • Hang them in a cluster on the wall to create a custom decor piece.
  • Lay them out creatively on top of your cabinet space in the kitchen.
  • Incorporate baskets onto your shelves as statement pieces.

Debbie's Solutions for Lingering Food Smells:

  • Touch something made of stainless steel. Seriously, it works! You can also buy a "bar of soap" made of steel.
  • Vigorously wash your hands under water with two tablespoons of baking soda.
  • Splash vinegar on your hands and let them air dry. Wash them if they continue to smell like vinegar and all of the other smells should go with it! Bonus - leave a plate of vinegar out to help neutralize room smells.

Paige's Acrylic Paint Organization:

  • Since 2 oz paints are roughly the size of a bottle of spices, get a spice rack! It looks super cute and stays organized for the craft room.