Paige Hemmis creates storage for treats that match the aesthetic of your home.


  • Ceramic jars of various sizes with lids
  • Painters tape
  • Small heart hole punch
  • Medium heart hole punch
  • Metallic paint in desired valentine’s day colors
  • Artist paintbrush
  • X-Acto knife


  • Acetone and Q-tips


1. Use painters to tape off lines around the jars in a pattern that you like.

2. You can have lines cross over one another, just make sure that the first line is completely dry before painting the second line.

3. Add the paint with an artist’s brush. Set aside to dry.

4. Remove the tape.

5. Use your X-Acto knife to clean up any lines that might have gotten blurred from the tape.

PRO TIP: If the X-Acto doesn’t work, try some acetone with a Q-tip to clean.

6. To add a second line, repeat the process with a different color.

7. If you want to add shapes, you can use your painter’s tape to create the shapes. I’m using a heart hole punch in small and medium.

8. Put the tape in the hole punch and cut out a heart.

9. Put the tape on the jar wherever you would like the hearts.

10. Fill in the hearts with the paint and set them aside to dry.

11. Remove the tape and clean up around the edges just as you would with any other lines or shapes.

12. Fill with dog treats and enjoy!

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