Thursday, April 25th, 2019

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Brown Butter Mixed Berry Tart - Home & Family

Brown Butter Mixed Berry Tart

Chef and author of “Life is a Party,” David Burtka is in the kitchen making a tasty treat, a brown butter mixed berry tart. This dessert was inspired by spending a day hanging out with Ina Garten in the Hamptons during raspberry season. As he is prepping, he also talks about his eight-year-old twins who love to help him out in the kitchen.

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Pregnancy Journey

Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson East visits Home & Family to share her personal pregnancy journey. She has been extremely open about her fertility struggles in the past, as she and her husband Andrew have been documenting their journey online. She also shares what it was like suffering a miscarriage over a year ago and discovering an online community of women who have had similar experiences.

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DIY Airplane Shelf

Ken Wingard is celebrating Hallmark Hall of Fame’s “Love Takes Flight,” with this DIY airplane shelf. You can catch the movie this Saturday, April 27th at 9/8c on Hallmark Channel. He paints the shelf red because it reminds him of the Red Barron plane. He attaches the craft plaques using hot glue. When done, he hangs the shelf on the wall and fills it with toys and books.

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Dr. Ian K. Smith

Best selling author Dr. Ian K. Smith stops by Home & Family to talk about his book, “Clean and Lean.” This book stands out among his 16 others because he says it is most effective when it comes to weight loss. The book centers around clean eating and intermittent fasting. He also introduces you to foods that are considered clean eating and foods that are not.

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Pacific Striped Sea Bass - Home & Family

Pan Roasted Sea Bass

Executive chef at Las Vegas’ Chica restaurant Lorena Garcia is in the kitchen making a delicious pan roasted sea bass. Make sure you season both sides of the fish before searing, placing on the pan skin down to make it extra-crispy. To give the fish extra-flavor, she bastes it in butter. You will know the sea bass is ready to be flipped in the pan when you see the edges getting translucent. When done, she pairs the fish with a corn succotash.

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DIY Sunscreen - Home & Family

All Natural Sunscreens

Kym Douglas is introducing you to all-natural sunscreens for summertime, including one that you can make at home! While you are protecting your skin from the sun, it is important to keep harsh chemicals off your skin. Today, she recommends a mineral sunscreen, Tizo, which contains no toxins or tinting for color. She also shows you how easy it is to make your own SPF 50 sunscreen with a handful of ingredients.

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Cornflake Chocolate Chip Cookies - Home & Family

Kelsey Barnard Clark

Kelsey Barnard Clark of “Top Chef” is in the kitchen making a delicious batch of cornflake chocolate chip cookies. You can also prepare the dough ahead of time and freeze it, then bake the cookies whenever you are ready. For a finishing touch, she adds a sprinkle of salt on top of the cookies.

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Hallmark Gold Crown “Harry Potter” Collection - Home & Family

Hallmark Gold Crown “Harry Potter” Collection

Ken Wingard is introducing you to Hallmark Gold Crown’s “Harry Potter” Collection. A huge fan of the books, Ken was so excited to learn just how much Hogwarts merchandise was available at his local Hallmark Gold Crown Store. Everything from soup mugs, picture frames, tree toppers and quote signs, your Hallmark Gold Crown Store has you covered with fun “Harry Potter” merchandise!

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Resistance Band Training

Celebrity trainer Andrea Rogers is introducing Home & Family to the “Xtend Barre” workout, which she founded. The workout is efficient and fun and works out the entire body. You can do this workout at home using furniture. She demonstrates some of these workout moves with the help of Paige, Larissa and Debbie.

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DIY Christmas Popsocket Cases

Paige Hemmis is getting into the holiday spirit and celebrating the airing of Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Movie, “Return to Christmas Creek,” which you can watch Thursday, April 25th at 9/8c by making holiday popsockets! Before attaching the decorations to your phone, lay them out so you have an idea of what they will look on your phone. This is also a fun DIY to get your children involved in. She uses fun crafting stickers and nail decals for added decorations to her phone case.

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