Ken Wingard is celebrating Saturday's airing of Hallmark Hall of Fame's Original Movie, "Love Takes Flight," with this DIY.


  • (2) 1x8 wood (We painted ours red)
  • (4) ¾ inch dowel (We painted ours black)
  • ¼ inch dowel
  • (6) circle plaques (4 for wheel: 2 large circles painted black, 2 smaller circles painted silver) (2 for nose: large painted red, small painted blue)
  • (1) heart plaque (We painted ours white)
  • (2) ornate plaques (We painted ours silver)
  • Drill & screws
  • Paint
  • Hot glue gun/ glue
  • (2) L-brackets
  • Drawer pulls (black)
  • Adjustable shelf support bracket


1. Paint all of your wood desired colors
2. For the wings: Measure 1 inch from edge of wood on each side. Draw a straight line from both 1-inch marks and mark where the two lines meet. Repeat on all corners. Pre-drill mark with a drill and screw in dowel.
3. Follow this same process to attach seconds piece of wood to dowel.
4. For Propeller: Drill the circle plaque to the center of the bottom wing. Hot glue 2 ornate plaques to a large circle plaque. Position them in a way so they are not blocking the shelf. Hot glue the smaller circle plaque over the line where the two ornate plaques meet.
5. For Wheels: Cut heart shaped plaques in half. Stack small circle on top of larger circle. Pre-drill holes in all 3 plaques (make sure to stack the plaques in the way you want it to sit on dowel before drilling). Hot glue drawer pull to one end of ¼ inch dowel. Slide wheel and leg through dowel. Hot glue the small and large plaques to each other. Hot glue leg (half-heart) to the dowel so it won’t move. Repeat same process on the other end of the dowel for the seconds wheel. Place and L-bracket on the inside of both half-hearts. Attach to bottom of bottom shelf.
6. Cover all visible screws with drawer pulls.
7. Install adjustable shelf support into your wall. Adjust clamp and place airplane shelf wood into clamp. Tighten as needed.

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