Monday, September 16th, 2019

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Adoption Ever After - Charlotte York
Meet Charlotte York, a 1 year-old German Shepherd mix. She’s a smart and active girl, always learning new commands, loves to play fetch, and chase her tail. Charlotte York is looking for a forever home that can work on her training and keep her mentally stimulated and active.

Find out more Charlotte York and other adoptable pets at

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Brownie Bonanza! - Home & Family

Brownie Bonanza!
Creator of, Gemma Stafford shows you how to make the most deliciously gooey fudge brownies. Melt the chocolate with water to avoid burning, just make sure to put them in together so they are at the same temperature.

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Property Brothers
Property Brothers Drew & Jonathan Scott share the biggest renovation reveal they have ever done. They talk about the process of renovating the inside of the Brady Bunch house to match the original sets from the show. They also discuss their latest children’s book “Builder Brothers: Better Together,” which focuses on teaching children about teamwork while making reading fun for them and features a tactile project they can do with their parents or teachers. “A Very Brady Renovation” airs September 16th, at 9pm/8c on HGTV.

Follow Drew and Jonathan at @mrdrewscott and @mrsilverscott

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Spruce Up Your Space: Wall Edition - Home & Family

Spruce Up Your Space: Wall Edition
Ken Wingard shows you three different ways to fill in the blanks on your walls. You can create a gallery wall in a grid and frame with vintage illustrations or postcards for impressive looking wall art. Layer various size frames to create a statement with a picture rail. Or add a mural for a bold and dramatic look.

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Blouse: Wear it 3 Ways!
Your favorite blouse gets three different looks from Orly Shani.

· Tuck blouse into shapewear.
· The shapewear will let you wear it under a tight dress, jumpsuit, or skirt without seeing the fabric or buttons!
· Add a belt that will work well with the color or pattern of your blouse

· Pair blouse with flowy skirt.
· Tuck blouse into skirt. You can button it all the way or leave it open with a camisole underneath.
· Top with belt to bring structure to the look
· Alternatively, leave shirt untucked and top with belt. This modification is great for people who don’t want to highlight their waist line.

· Pair blouse with jeans.
· Wear the blouse as a jacket over a white tee, twisted and tucked so it looks like a draped shirt, buttoned up and tied at the bottom, or tied around the waist.

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Hot Ham and Brie Sandwich - Home & Family

Hot Ham and Brie Sandwich
Danielle Kartes shows you how to make a cheesy, melty, and delightful hot ham and brie sandwich. The special sauce is a simple blend of mayonnaise and mustard. She uses granny smith apples for its tartness.

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Adoption Ever After - Albert - Home & Family

Adoption Ever After - Albert
Meet Albert, a nine-and-a-half months old special needs Labrador Retriever & Shepherd mix. He loves to play, run around and snuggle. The perfect family for Albert would have a fenced in yard for him to run around in and have extra patience and a lot of activity going on to keep him active.

Find out more about Albert and other adoptable pets at

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DIY Planter Makeovers
Paige Hemmis shows you how to spruce up your planters. You can use Sunbrella fabric or regular fabric and spray it with never wet water repellant. Allow fabric glue to set overnight for best results.

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Re-Entering the Workplace - Home & Family

Re-Entering the Workplace
Best-selling author & work/life expert Samantha Ettus discusses strategies and side-hustles that will help stay at home moms re-enter the workforce. Tips include, when you do leave the workforce for any amount of time, don’t erase your entire professional background. Keep your networks open and keep up with changes in your industry. A lot of women need a lot of flexibility, so try to keep your relationship a little bit balanced with your partner or spouse. You want to make sure you both share responsibilities so your partner is used to being able to take care of things you may not be able to now that you’ve gone back to work. Side hussles to make some extra money include, selling credit card processing to businesses near by, selling makeup, and walking dogs.

For more information,

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Creamy Chicken & Wild Rice Soup - Home & Family

Creamy Chicken & Wild Rice Soup
Lifestyle expert Theodore Leaf shows you how to take a five dollar rotisserie chicken and turn it into a hearty, satisfying and creamy chicken & wild rice soup. You can make the soup or the wild rice ahead of time and freeze it for later.

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DIY Guardian Angel Mobile
Maria Provenzano shows you how to create a sweet guardian angel mobile to watch over your family over the holidays. For this DIY she uses a halved embroidery hoop to hang the angels.

Get the instructions for the Mobile >>

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Stress Less – How to Relax Anywhere
Larissa, Orly, and Ken share their favorite ways to relax and destress.

· Handwriting books help to reduce anxiety & switch brains off to focus on the moment.

· Weighted sleep masks help with eye strain, stress, anxiety & insomnia.
Microbead Weighted Sleep Mask,

· Smiling Mind App features mood check-ins & meditation for children & adults.