Monday, October 7th, 2019

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Fall Harvest Dollar Store Challenge - Home & Family

Fall Harvest Dollar Store Challenge
Maria, Shirley and Orly kick off Fall Harvest with a dollar store challenge. Maria creates a beautiful display for your food at parties with her fall themed food display holder. Shirley makes a double sided indoor plant tool which you can use to hang and groom your plants without the need of a latter. Finally, Orly adds a touch of color to wire baskets with tulle and mesh tubing to create decorative fall baskets.

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Apple & Date Stuffed Pork Tenderloin - Home & Family

Apple & Date Stuffed Pork Tenderloin
Chef and author Stuart O’Keeffe shows you how make a delicious pork tenderloin stuffed with apples and dates. When cutting the pork tenderloin cut it about ¾ deep across. This recipe can be made with chicken as well instead of pork. Keith recommends placing the tenderloin on a raised rack on the pan so the air can circulate to cook underneath.

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DIY Sweatshirt Makeovers
Orly Shani shows you how to give your old sweatshirts a stylish makeover. She shows you three different ways you can stylize your sweatshirts with grommet tape, lace, and tulle. Orly recommends separating the front from the back by lining up the seams at the neckline and at the sides to make sure the ‘V’ is centered when cutting.

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Lecy Goranson
Actress Lecy Goranson stops by to talk about reprising her Becky role from “Roseanne” on the new season of “The Conners.” She discusses being on set as a child. She also talks about studying abroad in Indonesia when she was 16 years old through a field science research program to study the behavior of orangutans. “The Conners” airs Tuesdays at 8pm/7c on ABC.

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Fall Harvest Fruit Butters - Home & Family

Fall Harvest Fruit Butters
Debbie and Cameron whip up sweetly spiced and healthy fruit butters to spread on just about everything. They make two types of fruit butters, a pumpkin butter and apple butter with cranberries. Canned or fresh pumpkin puree work for the pumpkin butter recipe. Raisins or dates will add natural sweetness to the fruit butter. You can spread the pumpkin butter on oatmeal and add the apple cranberry butter to your turkey sandwich.

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DIY Leaf Stamped Hand Towels
Maria Provenzano shows you a creative way to bring fall into your home and celebrate fall foliage. Mix paints to create the look of the leaves changing color. Maria uses wax paper in between the leaf and the rolling pin in order to prevent the rolling pin from getting paint on it. Use fabric-tac glue instead of hot glue when attaching a trim so the towels can be washed.

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Ashley LeMieux
Founder of “The Shine Project,” Ashley LeMieux shares her story of health and healing through her book “Born to Shine.” She discusses how she and her husband Mike were heartbroken to lose their foster children. She shares four key things that she hopes women will learn from her book. Your light is your and no one can take it away from you, your light is contagious, your light will get heavy, and your light is constant. She also talks about “The Shine Project,” which sells handmade jewelry with the aim to help raise funds for first generation college students to get into school.

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Croque Monsieur - Home & Family

Croque Monsieur
Executive Chef of “Neighbor,” Joshua Luce shows you how to make an epic grilled cheese sandwich that no one can resist. He adds a little bit of black pepper to get the season running through on the butter. He uses gruyere cheese because of its super meltiness.

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Shirley's Autumn Centerpiece - Home & Family

Autumn Container Gardens
Shirley Bovshow shows you how to create a big garden for small spaces to show off the splendor of the season. Shirley recommends using the “Pink Zebra” plant as a dramatic and colorful centerpiece. Purple leaf coral bells will start multiplying on its own over time. Let echinacea and rudbeckia brown over time to feed birds in the winter.

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Favorite Fall Finds for Pets
Larissa Wohl shares her fall favorites for pets. The shag donut bed provides extra filling for pets with relief from joint and muscle pain. Fish robots can be used to introduce cats to water activities. The Doo Doo Tube clips on to your pants to use on the go to collect your dog’s business. You can store the tube with the lid open outdoors or in the garage.

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Adoption Ever After - Ranger - Home & Family

Adoption Ever After
Meet Ranger, an 8 year-old German Shepherd. He’s a cautious dogs therefore it may take a moment of sniffing you to make sure he’s safe before he can trust you. Once he knows you he’s totally lovable and gets along with horses and loves to get belly rubs. He would do well in a home with someone who can work with big dogs and has older kids.

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Meet Rye, a Chug which is a Pug and Chihuahua mix. She is about 2 years-old. She’s gentle with other dogs, is very kissable, loves affection and sitting on a lap. She has lots of energy and would do well in a home where she can go on walks.

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