Monday, October 28th, 2019

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Pet Adoption - Cosmo - Home & Family

Pet Adoption
The beard clad Cosmo is an old dapper dog. He has a great personality, sings when he gets excited and can follow many commands.

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Hank is a California cat, currently being fostered by 13-year-old Keely. He is a fluffy, lovey-dovey, playful cat that is great with cats and dog.

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DIY Blanket Wraps - Home & Family

Orly has a cuddly craft perfect for watching your favorite Hallmark movies all season long. She shows how to make a DIY Blanket Wrap that is just for you. It is an insanely simple craft you will want to make now.

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Nashville Hot Chicken Meatloaf Mini - Home & Family

Nashville Hot Chicken Meatloaf Mini
The chef and author of "The Dude Diet Dinnertime," Serena Wolf, combines two traditional comfort foods into one epic meal that will set your taste buds on fire. Serena shows Cameron how to make Nashville Hot Chicken Meatloaf Minis using lean protein and an oven fryer making this epic meal guilt-free.

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Bicycle Wheel Side Table - Home & Family

Bicycle Wheel Side Table
Ken has a whimsical table that would make a great gift for any cycling fanatic in your life. This craft is right in Cameron's lane. Even better, this side table can recycle bikes that you or your family have out grown.

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How to Grow Mint - Home & Family

How to Grow Mint
Nothing screams Christmas like candy canes. Shirley shows how you can grow a variety of mint, including peppermint and spearmint, indoors for all of our upcoming Holiday recipes. Shirley also shares a fun-fact. Legend has it candy canes were born out of a mid-1600s practice of giving kids little sugar candies to keep quiet during Christmas services. It became a tradition and later incorporated the peppermint flavor and signature red and green stripes.

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Sailor Brinkley Cook
Model Sailor Brinkley Cook recently went from the runway to the ballroom on "Dancing with the Stars." Her time on the show was not planned as she actually stepped in to replace her super-model mom, Christie Brinkley, who broke her hand in rehearsal. Her time on the show is over but overcoming her fear of performing in public has Sailor feeling like a winner.

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"An Unforgettable Christmas" Traditions - Home & Family

"An Unforgettable Christmas" Traditions
Debbie celebrates the release of the new Hallmark romance novel "An Unforgettable Christmas" - which features many Puerto Rican Christmas traditions, by making Coquito and Mantecaditos. A Puerto Rican version of eggnog and butter cookies.

Ginny Baird, author of "Unforgettable Christmas," joins Debbie in the kitchen and tells her about the new novel which is a sweet story of self-discovery featuring polar opposite colleagues Angie and Sam. Sam is a cold, hard-nosed, buttoned up boss until a slip on the ice causes him to get amnesia. The kind and creative Angie invites him to stay with her family for Christmas. They both discover Sam’s memory loss reveals his true fun-loving self.

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Christopher Knight will be forever famous for his role as Peter Brady on "The Brady Bunch." Now he is taking on a new role, documentary producer. Christopher is the producer of the film “TRUELOVE" chronicling the story of a special girl, named Tabitha Truelove, with a disability, called Williams syndrome, that has given her an endless capacity for love.

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Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Reveal – Decking the Halls - Home & Family

Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Reveal – Decking the Halls
Ken reveals day two of the ornament advent calendar featuring the Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Decking the Halls. Ken loves this precious ornament as it features a bear. Enter the Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Giveaway for your chance to win your own collection of ornaments and Christmas tree.

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DIY Doily Christmas Trees
It has been said that a thing of beauty is a joy forever especially when it comes to doilies. Maria uses simple holiday decorations to create an entire forest of joy with her DIY Doily Christmas Trees. It is a super easy craft that brings a feminine and Scandinavian feel to your holiday décor.

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Slow-cooked Lamb with Minty Millet Recipe from Dr. Mark Hyman - Home & Family

Slow cooked Lamb with Minty Millet
Food is the best medicine. Physician and author of "Food: What the Heck Should I Cook," Dr. Mark Hyman is making medicine taste so good with his Slow cooked Lamb with Minty Millet. He loves to heal patients with food and trades in his white coat for a white apron to show how you can enjoy delicious food that makes you healthy.

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True Grit and Grace
When tragedy strikes, overcoming it can almost seem impossible. Amberly Lago proves it's possible by detailing how she survived a horrific motorcycle accident that almost took her leg, in her new book "True Grit and Grace." Amberly's grit, grace and gratitude helped her stay resilient after the accident, 34 surgeries on her leg and a painful condition called CRPS. She also credits being of service as being her medicine.

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