Maria uses simple Holiday decorations to can create an entire forest of joy.


  • Doilies of varying sizes
  • Small dowel or kabob skewer can work as well
  • Wood beads that fit through the dowel/skewer
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Drill + drill bit same size as the dowel/kabob
  • Wood rounds for the base


1. Slide a wood bead to the dowel

2. Cut a doily to the center point

3. Create a “cone” type of shape with the doily leaving enough space to fit over the dowel and slide over the wood bead

4. Add another wood bead on top of that and repeat two more times so that you have three layers (wood bead, doily, wood bead, doily, etc)

5. When done, it will look like a tree

6. Mark on the wood rounds where you would like the tree to go

7. Depending on how thick your wood is will be how far you want to drill, so if it’s 1/2 inch thick, then you can drill a little over 1/4 inch just to be sure you don’t go all the way through

8. Measure out on the drill bit for how deep you want to drill and mark that off with tape

9. Drill the hole and add the dowel/skewer in (you can add wood glue for safety if needed) and place the “tree” into the hole

10. Repeat

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