Monday, October 19th, 2020

Season 9, Episode 26 recap of Hallmark Channel's "Home & Family."
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Thomas DeLauer Creamy Nut Butter Chocolate Cups - Home & Family

Thomas DeLauer - Creamy Nut Butter Chocolate Cups

Fitness and transformation expert Thomas DeLauer shares his tasty sugar-free take on chocolate nut butter cups. The key – make your own nut butter.

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Ashlan And Philippe Cousteau

Husband and wife environmentalist duo Ashlan and Philippe Cousteau are back. The self-proclaimed adventure junkies have found a silverling in the recent quarantine – spending a lot of time with their daughter. They also wrote and published a new children’s book, “The Endangered.”

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Harvesting Rose Hips

Shirley Bovshow explains how Rose Hips can be harvested and enjoyed in more ways than one. Rose Hips are little seed pods left behind after the rose blooms. They are full of vitamin C and anti-aging properties.

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Jean Chatzky - Women & Money

Best-selling author, podcaster, and advocate for financial literacy Jean Chatzky visits. She is the CEO of Her money and shares tips on how women can start to save their money now which includes finding a financial advisor.

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Find Your Financial Advisor is offering a matchmaking service for financial advisors. Just take a simple quiz to receive vetted/approved matches. The service is free. There are more details here:

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DIY Fall Mantlescape

Ken Wingard shows us how to make a beautiful mantlescape, a great focal point for the Fall and Winter months in your home.

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Pet Adoption – Teshi & Peanut

Little fluff ball Teshi is a sweet 9-year-old Pomeranian pup with an Instagram ready smile.

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You will go nuts for Peanut. He is a 5-year-old pom-chi, Pomeranian Chihuahua mix that is only about 4 pounds.

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If you are not ready to adopt, you can still help animals in need by donating to the Hallmark Channel Adoption Ever After Fund.

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Danielle Kartes - Inside Out Creamy Stuffed Shells

Danielle Kartes has the perfect solution to get little ones to eat their vegetables. She shares how to make Inside Out Creamy Stuffed Shells, a variation of the kid friendly classic mac and cheese from her newest children’s cookbook, “My Very First Cookbook.”

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Ally Brooke -"Finding Your Harmony"

Ally Brooke rose to fame in Fifth Harmony and has started her own solo career. She talks about her new memoir, “Finding Your Harmony” in which she opens up about facing bullies and learning how to Dream Big and have faith.

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Choosing Shelf Décor - Home & Family

Choosing Shelf Décor

Ken Wingard breaks down how to select the perfect décor for your kitchen.

To help us decide on a look, you can visit to give us your opinion on your favorite look!

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DIY Santa Scopes - Home & Family

DIY Santa Scopes

Brandi Milloy has a DIY to help kids keep an eye on Santa. This DIY Santa Scope is a fun and easy craft that is perfect to make with kids, family, and friends.

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Fashionable Overalls

Overalls are the overall fashion trend for Fall. Lawrence Zarian shows how overalls allow you to easily create four or five looks building off this one piece of clothing.

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